Admin Control

Management Cloud Base CMS App (MCBC) – Digital Signage to handle COVID19.

Easy Scheduled (Add & Remove) Content

PDF’s, Videos and PopUp messages Create Media Collections

Management Remotely From anywhere

On-Site and Off-Site Locations

Popshap Kiosks

Push content based on location or unified message across the system

Take advantage MCBC app that can impact the outcome of your efforts for making sure that your patient, employee and community are following the Social Distancing, Hygiene and more.
Popshap Kiosks

Germ free, Non-Touch, Non-Interactive

Your organization will be able to control Public Health and Patient Education Announcements & Alert System.
Popshap Kiosks

Low startup Cost

The system is available for Rental / Leasing as low as $29 per month for each screen.