The Advantages of Having a Double-Sided Kiosk

Are you are looking for a clever way for potential consumers to learn more about your brand? Or maybe you need a useful technique for customers and personnel to interact within your company? If so then a double-sided kiosk may be just what you need. In some circumstances, a single-screen digital kiosk may not be interactive enough to suit your commitments. This is where a double-sided kiosk may come in handy. A two-screen digital kiosk lets you double the number of potential connections. And it also makes cooperative interactions possible. Because this equipment is highly configurable, the uses you can put it to are only restricted by your imagination and resourcefulness. Here are just a few techniques that you can put a double-screen interactive kiosk to use, and some motives why you may wish to do so. To protect space and increase cost-efficiency. If space is at a premium in the region where you wish to set up, the digital kiosk then a double-sided kiosk will let you get more worth from the space that the touchscreen kiosk takes up. Using a double-screen touch kiosk lets you double the possible interactions. This can be vital when the kiosk is used in a hectic space, as folks clustering around the kiosk waiting for their chance can make that space less fruitful. To display material for two neighboring product rows or product parts. If you have store product rows or product areas that face each other then you can raise the value, you get from an interactive touch kiosk by using a double-screen kiosk to service two connecting areas. This can also be valuable if you have kiosks that service long side-by-side or end-to-end product rows. Contingent on the layout of your store this can save space by splitting the number of touch kiosks that you need. It will also allow you more space to provide better access to the product rows and stock more merchandise on them.

To run interactive games and apps for more than one person to use.

If you want to add some exciting interactivity to an area while offering customers data about your products or industry then you can use an interactive digital kiosk to serve contests, puzzles, and games. A double-sided kiosk also lets you run a two-player coop or competitive experiences that families and groups of friends may be drawn to… A double-sided kiosk expands your usage options radically and lets you put the touch kiosk to some creative practices. You can increase distinguishability, increase the number of open interactions, and increase the complexity of likely interactions. So contemplate the uses you might want to put a double-screen interactive kiosk to and see if you can think up some resourceful ways to improve the efficiency of your business by using this technology. Contact Popshap today with any questions you might have.