The Advantages of Interactive Wayfinding Directories in the Lobby

As a manager of an office building or property, it’s virtually impossible to staff enough employees to assist the visitors who come into/out of your building daily. One of the many benefits of developing interactive building directories is that you’ll no longer have to try to hire enough personnel to assist your property’s guests each day. Guests Can Manage Their Way This is probably the most popular (and useful) choice for installing interactive wayfinding directories. They provide guests with the exact material they’re looking for. Guests can type in the last name, office number, phone number, or other data about the office they’re visiting, and find out precisely where to go. Interactive wayfinding directories are intuitive and deliver details regarding the office, type of practice, the floor, who works in the exact office number (if there is more than one specialist, dentist, lawyer, etc. in the same space), and even tells guests which elevators to take to get there. All info is conveniently located in one place and can be found with the touch of a button. Efficiency in Any Place Popshap’s interactive wayfinding directories are extremely instinctive. They provide ways to save time and money with updated statistics/updates through web-enabled devices. Our interactive wayfinding directories also;
  • Show real-time mobility routes (for example bus routes, train routes, etc.)
  • Provide interactive floor details/info
  • Provide real-time data about outages in the building (for instance, which elevators are out of service)
With this data updated regularly, there’s no need to dread inaccuracies in your facility. Patrons know what to expect and when to expect it. Interactive Wayfinding Directories Are you utilizing interactive wayfinding directories and building displays? By not having these set up within your facility, you’re falling behind your competitors. The right interactive building directory can help bring your building into the digital era. It makes things easier for your site guests and allows them to rapidly and easily navigate different offices if they are visiting more than one organization while in the building. Digitally transform your building today with the installation of interactive building design directories. It’ll help expand the appearance, efficiency of procedures, and make everything easier for the building staff, and understandably, the guests coming into and out of your building each day. Contact us today to find out more about our interactive building directories.