Advantages of Double Sided Digital Signage

The Advantages of Double Sided Kiosks

Double sided kiosks are becoming more and more popular due to the many advantages they offer businesses. These kiosks allow customers to interact with your business on two sides, providing more exposure and opportunities for sales. Additionally, they are more efficient and take up less space than traditional kiosks.

What are double sided kiosks?

Double sided kiosks are digital displays that can be used to show content on two sides of the screen at the same time. This makes them a great option for businesses that want to make use of digital signage to promote their products or services. Double sided kiosks can also be used to provide information to customers or to provide directions within a facility.

What are the advantages?

Double sided kiosks have a number of advantages over traditional single sided kiosks. They are easier to use, as users can view information on both sides of the kiosk. This also makes them more efficient, as users don't have to keep turning the kiosk to view all the information.

Double sided kiosks also provide more space for advertising or information. This can be especially useful for businesses that want to promote their products or services. Additionally, they can be used to provide more detailed information about a product or service, which can help to improve customer satisfaction.

Double Sided Kiosks at a Trade Show

Double sided kiosks can be a great asset for trade shows. They can help to increase foot traffic and generate more leads. Here are some benefits of using double sided kiosks at your next trade show:

1. Increased foot traffic: Double sided kiosks can help to increase foot traffic at your trade show booth. This is because they are more visible and accessible than single sided kiosks.

2. More leads: With increased foot traffic comes more opportunities to generate leads. Double sided kiosks make it easy for people to stop and take a closer look at your products or services.

3. Enhanced visibility: Double sided kiosks are more visible than single sided kiosks, making them more likely to attract attention. This can help to increase brand awareness and potentially result in more sales.

4. Improved accessibility: Double sided kiosks are more accessible than single sided kiosks, making them more convenient for people to use. This can help to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Reduced costs: Double sided kiosks can be more cost effective than single sided kiosks, as they require less space and can be used more efficiently.

Double sided kiosks can be a great addition to your trade show booth. They can help to increase foot traffic, generate more leads, and enhance your visibility. If you are considering using kiosks at your next trade show, be sure to keep these benefits in mind.

Double Sided Digital Signage for Retail

Dual-sided digital signage is most effective when the right combination of content is chosen. It is usually best if you display two different, complementary messages concurrently on two screens. 

1. A window display could feature a dual-sided digital signage with a combination of promotional and educational content. You could display marketing content, for example, promoting special offers or deals on the screen facing outward. The screen facing inward could provide product-specific information or details of your loyalty program. 

2. Digital signage that is dual-sided can display content in a variety of languages and can make in-store and in-venue displays more effective. One example of promoting your products or services is in English. A popular language in your area could be translated to the same material. 3. Dual-sided digital signage can provide both practical information, such as store hours or directions, and advertising material, such as promotions and discounts, in large complexes. 

Dual-sided digital signage can be a great investment for businesses looking to increase their visibility and reach more customers. If you're thinking about upgrading to dual-sided signage, contact Popshap for help designing a system that's perfect for your needs.