America Embraces Self-Service Kiosks with No Signs of Slowing Down

Over the years we have done a lot of research and have found that investments in self-service kiosks and technologies are exploding as American businesses seek safe distancing, touchless digital transactions, and a simple, intuitive user experience for workers and customers during the pandemic. Our research uncovered three important insights: 1) the pandemic pushed short-term kiosk investment; 2) a focus on digital transformation will remain to drive long-term investment; 3) user approval is the primary motivator for investing in self-service kiosks, which include self-checkout terminals, interactive diagrams, vending machines, and staff check-in devices. Self-Service Kiosks Digital Transformation Pushing Long-Term Investment While the pandemic played the main role in increased interest and venture in the self-service space, there are no signs of this growth decelerating. Nearly half of American businesses are already deploying self-service kiosks and other digital technologies, and another third plan to deploy kiosks or some form of self-service technology in the next year. USA businesses are including self-service kiosk technology as part of their digital transformation plans, with 77% of organizations stating kiosk technology to be key to their business in the next five years. User Experience Fueling Self-Service Kiosk Investment Remarkably, the key business drivers for investing in kiosks are all about customers, at least in the short term. According to the research, the primary influence for businesses when investing in self-service technologies is customer and staff satisfaction, with 63% of businesses categorizing this as a top driver. This was particularly prominent in the retail industry, where 90% of users said one of the main advantages they’re seeking from kiosks/self-technology is better shopper flow. Kiosk Investment Motivated by the Pandemic The pandemic has been a clear push behind investments in self-service kiosks. Among those who say their investment has amplified in the past 12 months, 61% acknowledged the COVID-19 pandemic as a significant or adequate factor in their decision. For the healthcare sector, the primary application of kiosk technologies was for check-in purposes to help improve shopper wait times.