What Are The Benefits of Using LED Video Walls at Events?

Have you been thinking about video wall technology? Well, if you’re reading this then you probably already know that this is one of the most real ways to connect with your patrons and make a statement. You know, instinctively, that big moving images and bright videos are exciting and immersive. Starting this investigation, maybe you want a few concepts about how corporations are using this impactful set-up, particularly now that the industry has prolonged to include interactive LED video walls as well, providing even more unforgettable ways to engage with your audience. These customer experiences lead to increased brand awareness, loyalty, and revenue. Here are a few smart reasons why interactive LED video walls add a ton of value to your brand. STELLAR IMAGES AND EXPERIENCE Lack of availability of technology in the past meant companies would use projectors to show large images. That technology required centering of the lens, merger of edges between two projected images, or occasionally the use case would need two projectors just to put adequate light on the wall to create an image. Video walls use a direct view technology like LCD/LED screens, which provide an irrefutably crisp and clear picture and amplified brightness. Have you ever walked into a store and stopped the moment you saw a screen displaying something intriguing? The lucidity and experience it provided made you pause and pay close attention. LED video walls offer the same type of experience, demanding the attention of your patrons because of the brightness, contrast, movement, and fullness of color. INCREASE SHOPPER ENGAGEMENT An LED video wall can make all the difference for your business. A typical shopper feels a need to buy when the product for sale can be made to feel tailored. A video wall installation accounts for this and positions your content to imagine themselves as a user by configuring, browsing opportunities, and holding the piece in their (digital) hands. Whether they have a query about the product, or they want to hear more about you, patrons will be more stimulated to take action through an interactive LED video wall. This is an opening to gather valuable information about your consumers with a chance of better-quality conversion. From conference and display arrangements to a boardroom prepared to tackle international teleconferencing and sales presentations, let our design and tech team show you what’s conceivable. Nobody does interactive video walls like Popshap, whether installing a basic video wall or helping to create a one-of-a-kind buying experience.