Can Interactive Tradeshow Kiosks Drive Attendee Satisfaction?

[embed][/embed] Do attendees want to talk to live sales agents? That’s always going to be an ongoing debate. You’ll in fact hear opinions on both sides of the corridor. Tradeshow attendees are generally self-reliant people who are progressively looking for quick, do-it-themselves ways to get a question answered or find out more information. If there’s a stat to emphasizes this, it’s your lead retention rate. For those already offering interactive tradeshow kiosks, be sure to track your lead generation and note your rates between those who went to your interactive tradeshow kiosks and those who don’t. You’re probably going to see higher retention rates among attendees who have chosen to simply and quickly get more info without having to speak with a sales representative. If you have yet to take the interactive tradeshow kiosks plunge, it might be time to rethink your tradeshow strategy. self-service interactive tradeshow kiosk Trust us, your agents will thank you. Here’s how you can master the art of using interactive tradeshow kiosks at your next show. Successfully Use the Digital Content You’ve Created Corporations can spend hundreds of hours fine-tuning their brochures and tradeshow marketing materials, which could also mean help center articles, FAQs, case studies, and the like. While this content is still gold, no attendee has the time nor wants to sift through pages upon pages or a 20-minute lecture to find the answer they are looking for. So, how can you promote your digital content in a more effective way?

Recognize and Fill in Your Information Gaps

It’s critical for brands to locate any pain points that are present in their knowledge bases. This includes knowing where event attendees are getting hung up on going through content or deserting the digital kiosk because they can’t quickly find what they are looking for. When it comes to your brand's tradeshow experience, you want to ensure your target audience is able to access the marketing material they need and when they most need it. With the help of next-gen event technology like interactive tradeshow kiosks, this becomes a reality.