Shoptalk 2024

Explore how our event management digital signage helped enhance the attendee experience at Shoptalk 2024.

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Custom Organizer Software

Popshap's touchscreen kiosks, integrated with tailor-made software, offered attendees a seamless experience by providing interactive wayfinding, agenda access, exhibitor details, event schedules, and all pertinent information related to the show.

Enhancing Sponsorships with LED Towers

In any trade show sponsorship package, LED towers are a must-have. These towering displays serve as versatile platforms to spotlight sponsorships, convey brand messages, showcase ads, and mesmerize attendees with dynamic visuals. Whether strategically positioned throughout the event space or at entrances, LED towers command attention and leave a lasting impact, boosting sponsors' visibility and engagement.

Grand Entrance LED Walls

At trade shows, LED walls are a game-changer for enhancing brand presence and attendee experiences. Placed at entrances, these impressive displays instantly capture attention and make a memorable impression. They can also be used as walk-through installations or interactive displays, providing multiple opportunities to engage and delight attendees throughout the venue.

Unified Event Experience

By integrating interactive kiosks with prominent LED signage, your event will be a standout. Attendees benefit from improved navigation, captivating content delivery and a unified atmosphere, enhancing the overall attendee satisfaction and success of the conference.

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At Shoptalk 2024, an annual gathering of retail, technology, and consumer-facing brand leaders, attendee experience and event branding took center stage. Popshap partnered with the conference to deliver a full suite of event management digital signage and custom software solutions tailored to the evolving needs of trade show participants. Through this collaboration, Popshap's expertise proved crucial in enhancing the success of Shoptalk 2024.

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The collaboration between Popshap and Shoptalk 2024 resulted in the implementation of interactive kiosks equipped with custom software, providing attendees with seamless access to event schedules, exhibitor details, and navigation assistance. This integration of technology significantly improved convenience and engagement, meeting the industry's demand for innovative digital wayfinding solutions. The strategic placement of iconic LED signage towers throughout the convention center further elevated Shoptalk's event branding, serving as both prominent landmarks and contributors to a unified event space.

trade show LED video wall

Moreover, the grandeur of large entrance LED walls welcomed guests into the show hall, functioning not only as functional wayfinding tools but also as impactful branding elements. Their impressive size and visibility ensured that every attendee was greeted with a memorable and immersive event experience. Popshap's provision of event management digital signage and custom software solutions played a pivotal role in enhancing Shoptalk 2024, setting a new standard for industry conferences and cementing its status as a premier event in the retail and technology sectors.