Orion 2023

Event Management Software for Orion 2023

Circular LED's

Booth setups are moving over to curve technology to create areas of your booth that are more dynamic and eye-catching. With circular LEDs, you can now create an aesthetically pleasing look that is much more attractive than the traditional rectangular LED displays. Furthermore, curved LED displays have a much lower breakage rate than regular LED displays, which means that companies like Popshap don't have to send extra pieces that are prone to breaking. This is a great benefit for customers ordering these products.

Event Management Software

Popshaps event management software is a must-have tool for event organizers and goes hand in hand with our trade show signage. It gives event organizers the power to ensure their attendees are always up to date with every detail of the event. From show details, interactive maps with wayfinding, schedule of events, speakers, and more,.

Customize your Software

Popshap can quickly make a noticeable difference in how well-informed and organized your event attendees are. Not only that, but the software is customizable, meaning you can tailor it to fit your specific needs and branding.

On Site Tech Support

At a big show like Orion, having high quality, reliable event management software is essential for a successful event. But unfortunately, technical issues can arise, leading to stress and chaos. Fortunately, Popshap is there to help. When you use Popshap for all of your trade show signage needs, you also get an expert onsite tech to help you with any problems you may have. This means onsite help and fast resolutions, so you're never left behind.

event management booth

Orion 2023 was an incredible event and Popshap was proud to provide event management software. This signage included monitors, touchscreen kiosks, and LEDs making it a truly interactive event. 

The Orion Ascent conference is the go-to event for financial advisors, broker-dealers, innovative fintech providers and tech-forward enterprise firms. This year's conference was held from September 12-14 and featured more than 1,500 attendees and 50+ sessions.

touchscreen kiosk

At Orion Ascent Popshap not only provided event management software but also provided other digital signage for exhibitors. Here is a break down of what products were at the show:

Bond It:

  • 2 x 43 Inch monitors with a stand
  • Morning Star
  • 1 X 43 Inch Non-Touchscreen (1920x1080) with a stand  


  • 43 Inch Non-Touchscreen 


  • 43 Inch Non-Touchscreen

Orion Show management:

  • 3 X 49 Inch standup touch screen kiosk (white)  
  • 3X LOGO
  • 1 X 2M Circular sign LED for trade desk
  • 28 X 3 2Inch Monitor with brackets

For Bond It, Morning Star, MOXO and Flourish we provided monitors with stands. This allowed them to play important company videos or show images or products to attendees that visited their booth. 

For this conference Orion wanted to make a statement. On the show management kiosks we created software that fit in with their branding and gave attendees all important show information. This included the ascent schedule, a conference map, a list of exhibitors with booth numbers and a “Stay in the Know” section which allowed attendees to choose from a list of subjects that they could subscribe to. 

circle LED

On top of top of the event management software we also provided a circular LED that was hanging above the Orion trade desk. This screen displayed a stock ticker that included reports of the price for certain securities, updated continuously throughout the show. 

The Orion Ascent Conference was a huge success! With event management software and digital signage products on display, it was a real game changer. The circular LED screen that rotated and updated in real time was a great addition, and the show management kiosks allowed for a smooth event for attendees and exhibitors.