Helium 10, 2022

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Virtual Wayfinding

If you're attending a large trade show, a virtual wayfinding kiosk can be a great help. You can use it to find your way around the event and locate specific exhibitors or attractions. Plus, it's a great opportunity for sponsors to get their brand in front of a captive audience.

Branding with Digital Signage

Your business is unique and your digital signage should reflect that. Popshap can help make sure your kiosks and other digital signage blend in with your existing branding. We can print large vinyl logos in your brand colors to give your signage a professional, cohesive look.

Popshap Serviceability

At Popshap, we understand that serviceability is important to our customers. That's why we have a team of experts who can quickly identify and resolve any software issues. So you can focus on your business, and leave the technical problems to us.

Custom Software

Look no further than Popshap! Our software can be customized to fit your specific needs, whether it’s displaying your website or informational PDFs, videos/images or even games like raffles and spin the wheel. Plus, our photobooth is sure to make your booth stand out from the rest.

touchscreen kiosk

If you are an Amazon seller looking to take your business to the next level then I am sure you have heard of the Sell + Scale Summit Conference that happened September 19-22, 2022. Hosted by Helium 10, this event was designed to help sellers grow their businesses and scale their operations. Some of the top minds in the ecommerce industry attended and gave sellers the opportunity to network with other successful entrepreneurs. There were many amazing keynote speakers, panel discussions, and breakout sessions. 

When it comes to big events, digital signage can be a total game-changer. And that's exactly what Popshap did for Helium 10's recent event. We created stunning digital signage for show management and a large number of exhibitors and sponsors. Touchscreen standing kiosks, touch tables, LED walls and digital posters! You name it, we had it!

LED video wall

Show Management:

This was a very well executed event and Helium 10 thought about everything. They came to us wanting:

  • 6 x 49” touchscreen kiosk including a Sell + Scale Summit logo
  • 1 large LED video wall
  • 1 x 55” Monitor
  • 360 Photobooth

For all 6 kiosks we created a custom software including an agenda detailing all of the event's happenings, exhibitors, sponsors, and more. Plus, our virtual wayfinding made it easy for everyone to get around.

But the best part? We highlighted all the fun parties that were being thrown by Helium 10. So attendees could make the most of their time at the event. These kiosks were scattered around the event, in front of entrances and by registration. We're proud to say that they were a big hit! 

The LED video wall was 10ftx8ft and was on the main stage in the exhibitor showroom. It was a big hit with attendees! Throughout the event, it streamed live footage of people walking around and interacting, giving everyone a front-row seat to the action.

As for the 360 photobooth that was used in a separate area that we would call the media room. Helium 10 had a great setup, with fun backdrops and even free headshots. The 360 photobooth was a great way to capture memories and create a fun keepsake for everyone involved.

Because this was such a huge event we included a charging station that was setup in the registration/lounge area allowing attendees to charge their phones while taking a rest from the event.

interactive kiosk


Scale + Summit 2022 had a lot of amazing exhibitors that wanted to include an interactive element into their booth and Popshap was more than happy to supply.

Amazon: 1 x 49” double sided touch screen kiosk, branded with logo.

Walmart: 1 x 49” double sided kiosk, branded with logo.

Sifted: 1 x 49” non-touchscreen kiosk, branded with logo.

Amazing Listers: 1 x 49” non-touchscreen kiosk, branded with logo.

VAA Philippines: 1 x 49” non-touchscreen kiosk, branded with logo.

Trivium/Marknology: 1 x 49” non-touchscreen kiosk, branded with logo.

House of AMZ: 1 x Selfie Kiosk, branded with logo and photo booth software.

Walmart Registration Lounge: 4 x 49” digital posters.

For these kiosks the exhibitors/sponsors all had customized software fitting into their branding guidelines. They included pdfs with information pertaining to each business, videos/images, photo booths, spin the wheel and raffles to bring in some fun. 

This was a lot of digital signage and we're glad we could help make the Sell + Scale Summit Conference hosted by Helium 10 a success. We hope everyone had a great time. We're already looking forward to next year's event!