Video walls in museums create informative and inspirational experiences

Measuring the WallVideo Screen Wall
Installing the video wallThe_Phillips_Collection
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Key Product Features for The Phillips Museum

Transforming Reality into Digital

In the twenty-first century, fusing the contemporary with the traditional creates fresh opportunities for educating and entertaining tourists.

Welcome Guests in Style

Digital displays can draw visitors' attention to specific locations and offer more methods to take in information.

Educate & Entertain

Most visitors to museums and art galleries do so in search of inspiration or fresh information. Whether the audience is made up of adults or school groups, video exhibits can result in a rewarding educational experience that draws people back time and time again.

Measuring the Wall

The Phillips Museum was looking to enhance the look of the museum and create a digital experience. Because of the pandemic, that would now have to change.

They were now not only looking for the original plan to be implemented, but looking for ways to adjust to the new normal, and prepare for the reopening, with COVID regulations in place. After careful consideration and planning on both sides, Popshap came up with a unique design and concept.

This concept would utilize the use of (3) 3 x 3 video walls, each with a 55” screen tv, a double-sided 55” digital touch kiosk, (3) body temperature scan kiosks, and a customized CMS for the video wall and digital signage.

Installing the video wall

As the day went on, the video wall began to become more of a reality, and the concept became that much clearer.

After two long and diligent days of measuring, leveling, and securing the screens perfectly, the brand new video wall was installed and ready to go.

Tech installing machine

After the video wall portion of the project was completed, it was on to the load in and installs of the digital touch kiosks and body temperature kiosks throughout The Phillips Museum.

Using The Phillips Museum’s customised CRM that was created especially for them by Popshap, these user friendly and sleek looking kiosks, would take The Phillips Museum’s concept, and bring it to the forefront. When all was said and done, The Phillips Museum dream became a reality, and they were ready to take on the reopening of the museum, with class and professionalism.