Progressive Treatment Solutions

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Built In Dispensers

These one-of-a-kind touch table dispensers allowed guests to smell the product before purchasing.

Interactive Menu

All the information you need about each product is at the touch of a button. Get ingredients, traits, and more info when you need it.

Reduce Wait Times

Because ordering is made easy on these interactive touch tables, wait times are reduced. Causing even more joy for guests.

interactive touchscreen table

Progressive Treatment Solutions (PTS) called us up and were looking to enhance their digital product experience.

Based in Chicago Illinois, PTS is now one of the few dispensaries with interactive touchscreen technology.

interactive touch table install

For this project, we built 5 43” touch screen tables that allowed users to choose cannabis flavors and then dispense the scent so they can see how it smells. The interactive touchscreen software is unique in the sense that each screen dispenses an actual fragrance of the product leading the customer closer to purchasing.

We also installed four 32” wall-mounted touch screens to provide information about the brand. The best part is that everything can be controlled through the admin, so changes can be made in real-time. 

interactive touchscreen monitor

Using our 43" touch screen tables and 32" wall-mounted touch screens and custom software for the PTS kiosks, customers were able to test out the scents they wanted and make purchases right on the spot.

Our user-friendly technology allows everyone to use the platform in an easy, interactive way, all while learning more about the product.

PTS used these displays to enhance the digital product experience for their customers, as a result, guests were excited to engage with the displays and make their purchases.