Henry Schein at Lab Day 2023

Trade Show Digital Signage

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Update your booth with Trade Show Digital Signage

Are you looking to create a booth that captivates, engages, and interacts with visitors? Poshap is here to help you bring your traditional booth into the future. With our digital signage products, you can turn your booth into a unique and interactive experience just like Henry Schein did for Labday 2023.. From interactive kiosks that track customer interactions to high-resolution displays that deliver stunning visuals, Poshap has the tools to create an unforgettable booth.

Software Solutions

Popshap offers a wide range of software solutions to complete your setup, allowing you to customize your booth to your exact specifications. Don't miss out - discover the next generation of interactive and engaging booths with Poshap.

Welcome in attendees with a LED video wall

Welcome attendees to your booth with a stunning large LED video wall! Showcase your products or services in a truly captivating way and draw attendees in with beautiful visuals and audio. By utilizing this interactive element, you’ll have the power to show off your brand, engage customers, and make memorable impressions

Sponsorships with Digital Posters

Digital posters are the perfect way to show off your sponsorships at your next event. Whether you're exhibiting at a trade show, a convention, or any other event, you can make sure your sponsors get the recognition they deserve with digital posters. For Henry Schein, they not only used their digital posters for sponsorships, but also in place of walls to section off certain parts of their booth.

digital posters and table kiosks

Popshap provided The Booth of the Future for Henry Schein at LMT LAB DAY Chicago 2023. With a full array of trade show digital signage such as digital posters, an LED video wall and touchscreen kiosks all over their booth it was a fully immersive interactive experience.

LabDay 2023 is an event dedicated to promoting innovative research and discovery in science, engineering, and other STEM fields. The event is planned to be held in different countries around the world, providing a platform for everyone to be exposed to the modern technologies, tools, and solutions that are being developed for the future.

digital poster and monitor

For LABDay Popshap provided trade show digital signage which included:

  • 11 x Digital Poster (Single unit)
  • 3 x 43 Inch Touchscreen Table (white)
  • 3 xLogos / product branding
  • 5 x 50 Inch non-touch Monitor with a stand
  • Software and content configuration

The Booth of the Future is changing the way businesses and customers interact by using trade show digital signage to create a fully interactive experience for customers. For Henry Schein, attendees were welcomed by a large LED video wall that showcased stunning dental related videos. Specific areas of the booth were separated by digital posters instead of walls for a more open feel and Henry Schein also used those to display their sponsorships. And with touchscreen kiosks at every corner, guests were able to interact with products in a more personal way through visuals and audio. 

led video wall and digital poster

This is why we call Henry Schein's booth at Lab Day the Booth of the Future. It is revolutionizing the way businesses and customers communicate through trade show digital signage. It is creating an immersive, engaging and interactive experience for attendees, allowing them to learn more about products and the company. This allows customers to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing products and companies.