ASAE MMC+Tech: Registration Kiosks

Transform your event management with Popshap and eShow’s innovative registration kiosks. At ASAE MMC+Tech, our collaboration showcased seamless registration processes, dynamic wayfinding systems, and enhanced attendee engagement.

trade show digital signage
49 inch touchscreen kiosk
QR scanner on registration kiosk

Revolutionary Collaboration

Popshap and eShow's partnership combines cutting-edge hardware with advanced event management software, setting a new standard for the event management industry.

Seamless Registration Experience

The integration of express registration kiosks, QR code scanners, and printers provided a streamlined and efficient registration process at ASAE MMC+Tech.

Enhanced Attendee Engagement

Interactive kiosks offering wayfinding systems, session schedules, speaker information, and digital sponsorships elevated the attendee experience and engagement.

Future of Event Management

This collaboration exemplifies the future of event management with its comprehensive digital solutions, promising more efficient, engaging, and successful events.

registration kiosks

Popshap and eShow have joined forces to revolutionize the attendee experience and redefine the future of event management. At the ASAE MMC+Tech, their collaboration was showcased through the deployment of advanced registration kiosks and show management kiosks. By merging eShow's industry-leading event software with Popshap's state-of-the-art digital hardware, we provided a seamless and efficient experience for both attendees and event organizers. This partnership is a testament to the innovative solutions driving the events industry forward.

show management kiosk

The partnership's first significant milestone, ASAE MMC+Tech, highlighted the capabilities of this combined effort. Two express registration kiosks equipped with QR code scanners and printers facilitated a smooth and quick registration process. In addition to registration, show management kiosks were strategically placed to offer digital wayfinding, show agendas, sponsor information, and speaker details. These features not only streamlined event operations but also significantly enhanced attendee engagement by providing easy access to essential information.

49  inch trade show registration kiosk

The success of ASAE MMC+Tech underscores the potential of Popshap and eShow's collaboration to shape the future of event management. The interactive kiosks provided a user-friendly interface for attendees to navigate the event, access real-time information, and engage with various digital displays. This innovative approach to event management promises a more efficient, engaging, and memorable experience for all participants, setting a new benchmark for the trade industry.