Clever Ways to Place Digital Signage to Reach More Visitors

When thinking about digital signage, you have to keep in mind who your audience is, but also where they are as well. As individuals move into your facility’s spaces, and through them, they will come across bottlenecks and chokepoints. Think about where to place digital signage for visitors to best serve them at vital spots like entrances, exits, and elevator banks. Clever Ways to Place Digital Signage The best way to appreciate how the flow works in your building is to walk through it while paying close attention to traffic configurations, where your eye naturally lands when moving through the space, and where your body seems logically drawn to as you enter. Transitions Entrances can also be from one internal space to another. Think about what individuals are most likely to need or want, and what they could be discerning of as they get to each spatial transition. Would another wayfinding digital kiosk be useful at this point? Is this an opportunity to display more detailed messaging on your digital signage? If the on-site café is nearby, maybe a menu board, or at least some marketing messages that show the daily specials and a few menu items (with enticing high-quality photographs or video). Choke Points Another thing to keep in mind for all locations individuals move through is where there are usual choke points. Cluttering these up with digital signage may add to the problem, whereas placing your digital displays a short distance away might lure off some of the traffic, making moving through a smaller space more efficient and enjoyable for visitors. Elevator Banks Elevators, escalators, and stairs are known circulation elements in architecture since they enable the movement of individuals through the space. Folks are also changing levels within the structure, which is very different mentally than simply going from one room to another. A little data about what’s coming up on the new level is beneficial and makes folks feel more at ease since they know what to anticipate. But keep in mind that folks tend to go right onto an escalator or stairway, so if you want to use interactive digital screens, place them well off to the side so the flow is not inhibited. Think about what folks want and need when they arrive, move through and leave your facility, and do your best to make those things offered. The watchword is suitable – make sure what you display is suitable to what people want at different places, and also make sure the location of the digital screens is suitable to the physical location they are in.