CoronaVirus Exit planning

What should retail and hospitality prepare for post Coronavirus

Some officials and large companies executive branch predicting an economic boom once stay-at-home and other restrictions are lifted but some are more reserved and think that the economy is likely to remain subdued until the threat of the post coronavirus recedes, in either case, both sides agree that the exit strategy from this horrible pandemic should be gradual and over a period of time until it's proven that the chances of an uptick are minimized.

So how is the business getting ready for the day after CoronaVirus? For businesses that believe that until there is a full-proof vaccine available, businesses should be limited, are going to take it slow and the re-opening of their locations will be extremely slow. The transition over time will be easier and perhaps provide those businesses a more calm and organized approach were for other businesses that are trying to get back to normal as fast as they can to stay in business such as restaurants and hotels, some measures of consumer protections will have to be in place and along with that some employee guidelines and training will be necessary.

[caption id="attachment_4333" align="alignnone" width="800"]Body Temperature Kiosk for sale[/caption] Many manufacturers such as Popshap are creating digital hardware and software solutions to allow the business the ease of operation post Coronavirus by adding body temperature kiosks and self-service hand sanitizers, industry leaders hope that with some of the solutions coming to market businesses and especially small business will gain the customers' trust and start a long process of returning to normal, that is, the "New Normal".00 It's hard to predict how post Coronavirus steps will affect the economy and how fast businesses and officials will start implementing those procedures but Popshap and companies alike are getting ready to support those efforts so we can all get out of this pandemic stronger and resume to as normal life as possible.