How to Customize an Interactive Touch Table

Our interactive touch tables, kiosks, interactive displays, and even our touchless gadgets are in stock and ready to ship, but we do have custom-made to-order items. This opens up customization selections, allowing us to better match our products to show halls, retail spaces, and other locations. We may add functionality, such as casters, handsets, RFID readers, cameras, accessibility devices, motion sensors, and other IoT choices, in addition to changing the aesthetic. Custom colors and finishes are available. Our products' frames and chassis are virtually entirely comprised of aluminum. As a basic color finish, we use a durable black, slightly textured powder coat, but we've made interactive touch tables, kiosks, and displays in just about every color imaginable throughout the years. Our interactive touch table is even made with clear-coated aluminum, which has a stunning industrial look. Add-Ons Our interactive touch table is frequently utilized in museum displays, corporate experience centers, and retail contexts that demand a variety of interactive functions. We've included aural accessibility devices like POS system options in addition to tangibles, casters, and cameras, which are fairly simple upgrades to our tables. Our interactive touch table has RFID built-in for administrative and other tasks right below the screen, but we've also included RFID choices in custom constructions where it's part of the core experience. Furthermore, proximity sensors have been integrated, which detect the presence of visitors and activate other functionalities. Designed for Success With the latest in sales presentation technology, you may completely transform the way you promote your products or services to your customers. Our interactive touch tables make it simple to deliver unique visual pitches, providing the ideal platform for impressing customers and outperforming the competition. Crafted for You: An Interactive Touch Table While our Interactive Touch Table collection includes a number of basic products, we can also custom design tables, workstations, and furniture to match a customer's exact needs. We're always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to put our technology to use, and we collaborate with our clients to explore how we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements. Popshap works with a wide range of clients in a variety of market sectors, including designers, architects, space planners, merchandisers, and retailers, to name a few.