Different Types of Popshap Digital Concierge Solutions

Customers today are progressively tech-savvy and look for on-demand answers that allow them to be self-reliant. Businesses that handle customer interactions are rotating to digital concierges as a way to fulfill this demand for fast, attentive, and greater service. If you want to recognize how digital concierges can impact your business, here’s a quick look at what Popshap can do and the benefits your business can receive. First, let’s start out by answering the question; what is a digital concierge? A digital concierge is like your personal associate who is always able to help. Also known as a virtual concierge, a digital concierge uses AI technology to perceptively communicate with users over a communication platform. It’s pretty much like having a chat with an intelligent, well-connected concierge. Now let’s look at a few ways we can create a digital concierge for your business. Photo Booth Our photo booth technology will add a new dimension to your space by allowing consumers to take pictures of their night surrounded by your branding. Popshap ensures your venue is the most talked-about place, permitting them to share pictures right to MMS, Email, Instagram, and Facebook. Information Capture & Analytics Now that your customers have enjoyed their visit to your business, send them a message so they don’t miss the next! With our exclusive back-end dashboard platform, you can seize all of the data input on your photo booth system to use as remarketing tools for your business. Interactive Map Feature points of curiosity, get guidelines, and engage your visitors, with our lovely interactive 3D maps and software. Event Tickets Book tickets, scan in guests, and even check for verifications. Everything you could imagine… Yes, we also offer visitor management systems to help you manage the entire check-in process. Reservations Book reservations directly from our touch screen kiosk. Local Directory Join the countless amenities every property has to offer. Events, Dining, Wayfinding, Shop, or Rewards.