How Digital Posters Elevate the Guest Experience

With the increase of mobile ordering, delivery, and curbside pickup, quick-service restaurants are seeking productivities to meet their patrons' needs. At the same time, operators are clamoring to redesign existing stores to house this new dynamic while working with inadequate staff and circumnavigating lingering safety worries. Now more than ever, it's serious to create a well-organized guest experience that your crew can keep up with. Digital posters are one of the most real-world and cost-effective ways to improve both the guest and staff experience—and the need is rising as quick serves add extra drive-thru lanes, pickup windows, and curbside parking. Patrons need to know how to navigate the property effortlessly and safely, both inside and out. We have been seeing more freestanding digital signage, such as pole-mounted LEDs and guest-facing window signage that tells patrons where to pick up their order and new hours of operation, and exterior signage that prompts guests when orders are prepared. Digital posters aren’t just useful—it’s an increasingly significant time and money-saving tool that meets patrons where they are. Guests expect speedy, efficient, and safe service and are becoming more familiarized with contactless interactions and ordering via cell devices. Digital posters also permit operators to rapidly change prices and item obtainability (a lifesaver during supply chain shortages) and encourage LTOs in real-time. Digital posters also increase the experience for staff. Displays in the strategic areas help crews manage multiple points of operation, such as drive-thru, dine-in, and third-party delivery services. Many operators are also exchanging the old back-of-house bulletin board system for calendars and safety announcements with sleek digital signage, which cleans up the space and modernizes brand messaging. [caption id="attachment_1910" align="alignnone" width="225"]SHRM digital posters at event popshap[/caption] In our world where employment is tough, you have to keep the team content. No matter the size or opportunity of a quick-serve operation, digital signage can help brands level up on both consumer and employee satisfaction. The pandemic boosted that shift, but the end objective is still the same: Make it easy and useful for patrons to do business via digital channels while preserving the service level and brand principles for our clients.