Why Digital Signage is More Important Than Ever Post-COVID

With vaccinations happening in the U.S., customer foot traffic into physical stores is on the rise now is the perfect time to start using digital signage. For brick-and-mortar companies, it's a time of rebirth in the brick-and-mortar atmosphere which means back to business and installing digital signage technology to attract shopper attention and boost consumer loyalty. This is why digital signage and displays make for great business technology. To get insight on what brands should be doing, what developments are likely to come into play, and how digital signage technology can be a differentiator, we share a few tips below. Digital signage within brick-and-mortar stores is more vital than ever. Digital signage will continue to be used by brands to promote goods and services as it always has been. Now, we are seeing an increase in digital displays being used for informational purposes to communicate current guidelines and expectations for in-store customers. The aptitude to quickly change marketing messages from a centralized location in real-time makes digital signage ideal for most businesses. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX-1f0MojOg[/embed] Soon, we will see new methods to interactive signage as a result of changing customer behavior. There will probably be less interactivity through the use of touchscreen displays. Rather we will see much more interactivity with digital displays through a customer's mobile phone. We also provide the digital signage software to currently support this type of interactivity. The most common fallacy is that all commercial displays are of comparable quality. This couldn't be further from the facts — and it's why we reassure and support side-by-side comparisons of digital display technology. Another common misunderstanding is that customer TVs are similar to commercial digital displays. This is also false. Choosing products firmly on the foundation of price is always the wrong attitude that will lead to a much greater total cost of ownership over the lifecycle of the digital signage device. Regrettably, many retail brands learn this lesson the hard way. In the near future, we’ll see advancements in this technology of course. This will consist of an even greater resolution in large format displays. We offer branded commercial digital displays that boast 8K resolution. The bar will continue to increase in the future. We'll also see similar developments in direct view LED and a fast acceptance rate of this technology as prices continue to come down.