Digital Technology Trends for the Workplace in 2022

Are you ready to discover the future of digital technology? Recently, almost every industry has seen a dramatic increase in digital technology. Maybe COVID pushed industries into smarter, more innovative interactive features, and enhanced customer experience. A/V technology is continually evolving, but even more so as the industry must adjust to new ways of meetings, working, and conferencing. TOUCHLESS ATMOSPHERES Imagine you walk into a room and your display automatically knows you are there; it spontaneously powers on and gets your meeting set up? With touchless kiosks and touch tables, you can do exactly that. COVID-19 has amplified the need for touchless environments, this technology went from a “nice-to-have” to a must-have. Not only does this make operating equipment easier to use, but it diminishes the amount that individuals encounter shared surfaces. Companies have started to adopt new actions and practices to support their workers and customer base – and touchless tech is at the top of that wish list. The pandemic has introduced us to a touchless world, and it does not look like we are going back. HYBRID SETTINGS Offices and institutions have had to clasp the constant mix of who can attend with who is incapable to attend, hybrid situations provide a solution for everybody. Although not necessarily a digital trend, hybrid events are naturally on the increase as folks work from home and corporate travel has diminished. Hybrid atmospheres can lower health contact risks. Fewer in-house personnel mean your corporation may be able to lower the chances of colds, the flu, or COVID increasing around the crew, which may result in fewer sick days. More businesses are becoming hybrid every day. CONTACT POPSHAP TODAY Digital technology has played a key role in the redesign of the modern office. In the last two years, companies found it necessary to quickly adjust to allow workers to work remotely, and now many institutions are functioning on a hybrid model with some remote and some in-house personnel/events. Regardless of your present situation, recent events showed how significant it is for operations to be able to swivel quickly in terms of digital technology and their spaces. If you are ready to begin integrating digital technology into your institution to create a digital environment, contact us today. We will begin with a free demo to determine the best touchscreen technology to fit your needs and support your space.