Easily Re-engage Customers with These Digital Display Tactics

Once you’ve gone through all of the efforts of effectively acquiring new customers, the very last thing you want to do is lose them. That’s why all companies must re-engage consumers to make sure they come back again. An engaged buyer is more likely to be a devoted one, after all. Let’s take look at why buyer re-engagement is so essential and the steps your business can take to keep buyers coming back for more. Now that you know why re-engaging consumers and collecting contact info is so vital, let’s look at a few maneuvers you can use to bring customers back to your business. Think about why the buyer became disinterested in the first place. Before you advance individual marketing strategies for your re-engagement approach, take some time to look at what got your company here in the first place. Run amusing and appealing return promotions. Past customers already know about your business and are interested in what you do and have to offer. They may just need a nudge to feel the love again. Give them the slight push they need by putting on a fun and desirable return promotion that drives them back to the register.

  • Sponsor a competition.
  • Host a special.
  • Introduce new products or services.
  • Offer a deal for the customer and a friend.

Utilize digital display retargeting.

There is one great way to re-engage customers that don’t require you to have their contact info: digital display retargeting. Digital display retargeting is the method of placing ads on touch kiosks that reiterate what you are saying and doing on your website and social media. You can also display ads to those audiences if you wanted to. This method allows you to get back in front of attentive prospects as well as old ones, and you don’t need contact information to make the association. Current consumers who have already elected to do business with your brand in the past are enormously valuable. Don’t let them fall off. Work on re-engagement strategies to keep past consumers coming back. To guarantee that customers come back over and over, offer brilliant experiences during their initial interactions.