Effective Customer Engagement Strategies to Use During the Holidays

Customer engagement strategies are often ignored, but an extremely important variable that governs the success of your business. But what is customer engagement? Simply put, it’s the act of engaging your customers with your brand via social media, personal outreach, and a laundry list of other approaches. Engaged customers are more faithful, stick around longer, and provide you with a consistent revenue stream. That is because customer engagement openly impacts customer satisfaction, which affects your bottom line. And the benefits mentioned above essentially stem from satisfaction. The right customer engagement strategies produce a better customer experience, which leads to more income.

Use the right software

To successfully engage customers, you need the perfect combination of digital and automation tools that streamline processes and let you focus more on the customer and less on routine administrative tasks. A few key tools would be interactive kiosks, CRM, and digital signage. These tools help you interact with customers, use staff more efficiently, and store all your customer data, so you can personalize their experience and grow engagement (more on that in a minute). These days, many companies are choosing Popshap for our all-in-one service, because we provide marketing automation, sales enablement, and customer service all on the same platform.

Follow high-priority customers (or clients) and comment on their social posts

Just as customers engage with you on your social media pages, you can engage with them on their pages. Follow your high-value customers, so their posts appear in your social media feeds. Comment as much as possible. If they ask a question in their post, answer it as soon as possible. This will engage your most important customers, guaranteeing that they stick with your brand over the long haul.

Create compelling content that solves real problems

One of the best models of super-effective customer engagement strategies is to create great inbound digital content. This refers to blogs, whitepapers, and other informational digital content that does not try to sell your product. Rather it teaches your audience. It solves the common problems they face. And it helps keep them on the cutting edge of developing trends. If the content that you create is engaging, your customers will be the ones engaging with it.

Use personalization in all your customer communications

As we noted the key takeaway here earlier in this blog: Increase engagement, and you’ll deliver a better customer experience, which will lead to more paying customers. Satisfied customers spend more, become brand advocates, are dedicated, and stick around much longer. Follow the easy to use customer engagement strategies above and you’ll raise customer satisfaction to new levels, which will result in amplified revenue and maintainable business growth. With so much personal information on each contact stored in your CRM, you can personalize every communication you have with them. This will make customers feel like you know them, make them more comfortable with you, and will inspire them to engage with you. Use personalization in your digital marketing efforts. Use it on sales and customer support calls. Find personal information that you can use to speak to them like an old friend, not a business who only wants their money.