Event Check-In Kiosks: Why Every Event Should Have One

The Forgotten Part of Event Planning

There are many components to event check-in kiosk.  There's the logistical planning beforehand, searching for the proper venue, hiring the right catering crew, compiling the guest list (and making sure no one was forgotten), and providing the ‘wow factor.  There’s one aspect that many people tend to overlook and that is how to check their guests into the event.   Expo digital kiosk rental for check-ins There are many ways you could solve this dilemma. You could set several computers up on a table and have the event attendees input their information or you could check the guest’s names off of a list as they enter, or use another method. None of those are ideal options. Typing your name out on a computer and checking names off not only takes time away from your guests enjoying the event but also creates long lines with restless people.   But what if we told you Popshap could provide an acceptable event check-in method and your event’s ‘wow factor’ rolled into one idea? Enter, Popshap’s Event Check-In Kiosks!   about our company event kiosk check in

What is an Event Check-In Kiosk?

What is an Event Check-In Kiosk? That is an excellent question. An Event Check-in Kiosk is a digitally interactive device that makes checking into an event a breeze. What makes this touchscreen unit unique to checking in is that it provides guests with several options to to check in. The first two options are relatively standard, entering in an email address or confirmation number. But the third method is which makes this device stand out. Since the Check-In Kiosk has a built-in camera, the guest would receive a QR code on their phone which they could then flash in front of the camera and be checked in in under 30 seconds!

The Layers Behind the Kiosk

How does the Event Check-In Kiosk operate? That is also a great question! There are a handful of steps our development team and the event planners have to take even before the digital touch screen kiosk comes into the picture. First Popshap’s development team would create a special event tab within their admin website. Once the tab is created, the client hosting the event uploads all the necessary information on their ends such as name, time, location, description, and media to accompany the text. After the main information is detailed, the client uploads their guest list from a spreadsheet and the data is automatically converted to an email list, which is then distributed. The guest receives an email and a text message with the time, date, and, location, in addition to a link to the website. Once this is created, the guest will receive a link to the website where they can input their name, email, and company name. They would get an email that includes their unique confirmation number and QR code. event kiosk check in screenshot At the event, a guest would approach the touchscreen Event Check-In Kiosk and either scans their QR code or input their confirmation code or email. Then, depending on if the host wants it or not, a name tag sticker would print out next to the kiosk and the guest is successfully checked into the event.

Why are Event Check-In Kiosks important?

As discussed before event check-in is an area of event planning which people tend to neglect. In reality, this part of the process is actually quite important. By checking in the guests, it marks down who actually attended the event, which is key for analytics later on after the event. With the provided examples of event check-in, the first two provide the data but are highly inefficient when it comes to managing the long lines. Since Popshap’s interactive touchscreen Event Check-In Kiosks allows the option of scanning a QR code, it dramatically shortens the wait time, thus making this digital device efficient in both collecting analytics and optimizing the guest’s time. If you would like to see more about how Popshap’s touchscreen Event Check-In Kiosks work, please visit https://popshap.com/kiosk-software/event-check-in/ to learn more!