The Picture-Perfect Digital Solution to Your Next Event.

Popshap is a simple, digital technology company with an expertise for creating and managing unique interactive event experiences. It’s as easy as choosing an Experience, uploading your content, and adding it to any or every touchscreen kioskin your facility. It’s that easy!

Build concrete, lasting connections between your guests and your brand.

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Create Immersive Interactive Experiences That Engage Your Audience

Our drive is to bring your vision to life and make it the central point of your event. Our stunning LED displays, and breath-taking video walls would make the whole world stop and stare! We are here to empower your digital surroundings that will extend your brand, tell your story, capture new business, and leave a lasting impression.

Several businesses use our event kiosk rentals to accelerate the speed of their event, allowing customers, vendors, and guests to serve themselves at touch-screen kiosks.

For our clients, it means immediate access to consultants that can help you find the exact event kiosk rental you need. It means a stress-free experience, where you cantrust that you'll receive what you need when you need it.

Popshap's Digital Solutions

Today, event planners desire more flexibility allowing them craft an irreplaceable digital setting. With digital displays and video walls, you have more customized creative design options. There are no hurdles to what you can do with your digital opus. Take a look at some of our top selling products:

  • Interactive Touch Screen Tables
  • Contactless Check-In
  • Digital Posters & Displays
  • Temperature Sensing Kiosks
  • Video Walls
  • Content Management Systems
  • Self-Service Kiosks
  • Customized Games
  • Lead Generation Software
  • And More
Popshap's Digital Solutions - Popshap

Customized Design and Development to help you suceed.

Our staff has a wealth of experience and can provide you the digital products you need to make your event a real success. Our knowledge can assist you in every aspect from design to deployment, making your event an effortless process.

Our event kiosk displays are adaptable by nature and can be configured to serve several different functions in small, medium, and large setups. Along with our event kiosk display rental package is a network of partners, Popshap is ready to help you take your live event production to the next level with LED display technology.

Popshap has an all-inclusive approach to integrating event kiosk displays, video walls, and more into your event’s current production designs. We can help you create your event from the start or jump in at any point of the event process to guarantee top-tier quality and fluid execution of your event kiosk or video wall rental from start to finish.