Why Every Trade Show Booth Needs a Kiosk

With events and trade shows starting back up again, we want to encourage safety as well as a more convenient and efficient way of advancing your booth. That’s where kiosks come in, they are perfect for any event and trade show. Touch screen kiosks are perfect for displaying your product in a modern way that will have guests fonding over your booth. Below are four advantages of having a kiosk at your trade show booth.  Trade show touch screen kiosk rental Self-service Registration Self-service kiosks are making checking in and out easier than ever, with the press of a button and no lines you can easily register for the event and booth you want. QR codes are another great way to promote your products as well as making it easier for the audience and customers to access information on your brand from their very own phones. This also decreases the amount of people gathering in front of each booth, social distancing guidelines make it difficult for lots of people to gather and listen to you talk about your products. QR codes are solving that problem by making it easily accessible to give your customers all the information they need without having to gather in large groups. Advertising Digital touch screen kiosks make advertising and marketing your product all the better and increase foot traffic. With these digital displays you can sponsor messages and create captivating images on your kiosks which will attract an audience to your booth. Having free charging stations are also great ways to attract people, when they come over to your booth to charge their phones it gives you the opportunity to sell them on your brand. Customer Engagement Customer engagement is big with trade shows and with interactive kiosks you can enhance your social media presence, while keeping customers engaged. Touchscreen displays allow you to have your customers and audience answer questions, give feedback on your products and services while keeping them entertained. Data collection These digital touch screen kiosks make it easy to attract as many customers as possible and analytics on the customers who are interested. You can get a kiosk with a camera which tracts the amount and the type of people who are visiting your booth. You can also link apps to the kiosk, and make it easy for visitors to input their names and email addresses. When the show is over you can log into these apps and access all of that information. Surveys are another great way to get insights on customers and having a QR code that links to a survey on your digital display will make it convenient. For the last couple of years Popshap has been working with numerous brands to display their products and services at trade shows. We have kiosks of all kinds and can be customized for your brand, click here for more information on our trade show kiosks.