Fans in the stands - How body temperature kiosks and body screening technology can help

“Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Take Me out to the Crowd”... Wait a minute, can we?  The answer is yes.  According to ESPN, starting on Monday, October 12th, a limited number of fans will be allowed into Globe Life Field in Arlington, TX, for the NLCS, and then the World Series.  Sounds like the sounds of baseball and the sound of body temperature kiosks will be heard. body temperature kiosk at events Approx 11,500 fans or roughly 28% of the total capacity of Globe Life Field will be allowed in for every game of the NLCS and World Series.  Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, October 6th.  While this baseball fan is excited to see real fans in the stands, how will it work?  Tickets will be sold in “pods” consisting of 4 seats in a pod, 6 feet apart, in a “checkerboard” style seating arrangement.  The remaining seats will be tied back and off-limits.  The retractable roof will be open unless it rains, fans won’t be able to sit within the first 6 rows closest to the field, and concessions will be cashless.  Wonder if desktop body temperature kiosks will be next to the registers? body temperature kiosk rental What other social distancing measures will be in place?  How will people enter the ballpark?  Will they get scanned by a body temperature kiosk?  Will wireless hand sanitizer stations be put on the walls?  Those questions are still left to be answered.  One thing is for sure… as we slowly come back, the new normal continues to evolve and temperatures need to be taken.  The turnstiles will spin… Will a body temperature kiosk be there waiting as well?  Are we ready or will this idea be called “Strike 3, you’re out”?  We wait and see… Until then, someone please pass the Cracker Jacks.