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Healthcare Kiosks

What is one of the most frustrating aspects to visiting a medical professional? The wait! How many times have your patients sat in the office waiting, with nothing to do, leaving them disgruntled and irritated?

Medical kiosk

Efficient and Useful Solutions

Popshap understands this struggle and our interactive kiosks can offer a variety of solutions to optimize the experience. With a kiosk set up, you can have a faster, more comprehensive check-in, display digital informative messages, such as informing patients about new services the practice has to offer, digital posters detailing common/seasonal illnesses and ways to combat them, a list of doctor referrals, interactive touch screen games for the children, and even wait times so your patients aren’t left clueless.


We also provide the ability for an interactive and engaging experience that would make a trip to the doctors not as “painful”. Before you see your patient, you can streamline the process and offering a kiosk with an informational questionnaire that would detail where the pain is, the type of pain, and rate it on a scale from 1-10.

Allied kiosk

In today’s digital age, many healthcare professionals are looking into and investing in kiosks for their facilities. With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you?