Holiday Opportunities

Holiday Kiosks

Holiday season pretty much started with Thanksgiving. In terms of business, everyone knows that means Black Friday and of course Cyber Monday. After those, the end of the year pretty much slides right along with Christmas and Hanukkah, finishing in grand fashion with New Years. Given the situation how can you optimize your sales when you come to the end the year? Better than that, how can you stand out with the year coming to a close and shoppers itching for deals? How do you get your name out there effectively? Touch kiosks just may be the answer.A Customizable Balance

The answer I believe is giving your audience more than just an image or add, and yet less than a whole commercial. Also, the missing element in both of these is giving your audience value. Always try to give your audience as much value as you can. It is important to give your users something they can sink their teeth into and something that will last. Here come interactive kiosks. Touch Kiosks For the Holidays

Touch screen kiosks. They provide a simple way for you to offer your clientele value through a photo booth or through a trivia game, or any number of functions. Whatever the case, you are giving your customers interactive content to engage with your brand. If they take a picture they leave an email, that’s one more avenue for potential sales conversion. Even if you just want to provide a bright custom display of dynamic ads that scroll through customizable content, that too will give your customers a reason to stay engaged.Touch Kiosks to Increase Connection

Draw the crowd into the spirit of the holiday with an interactive display screen. People want to feel engaged in a holiday, not just party. Well, I mean, they do want to party. But they will dress up according to the holiday, or sing songs that go along with the day. By providing a means of engagement on a screen people can feel more connected to the day. This is only the tip, there are an incredible amount of ways to utilize touch kiosks for this holiday season. Big events, retail stores, parties, tradeshows, office gatherings, the holiday time provides many opportunities take advantage, and give Pop Shap a call.