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Keep your customers well informed and satisfied with Popshap's interactive and engaging kiosks.


The key to the hospitality industry is giving the customer the most pleasurable, smooth, and streamlined experience possible. With the use of Popshap’s customizable digital kiosks, we can improve areas of your business you might not have thought kiosks could.


Save time by having guests check-in with ease at self-service kiosks.


Simplify / optimize the ordering process, or show of your brand using digital signage.

Amusement Parks

Advertise attractions to get users aware of what's around, and offer them directions to top it off.


For hotels and events, our touch screen interactive hotel kiosks can serve as a 24/7 self check-in service. They could double over as a pamphlet holder that would also display a loop of key information about your facility.


For restaurants, you could provide digital menus and daily specials both in and outside the store with kiosk stands to entice and inform your customers. Further, you can use the kiosks to optimize the ordering process by providing an interactive menu showing images of the food before the customers order. The customers could even send their order and specifications right to the kitchen, thus providing a simple solution that in turn cuts costs!

Amusement Parks

For amusement parks, Popshap’s kiosks have many uses that could improve a customer’s experience. Our outdoor kiosks could be an interactive digital map; setting a few of the kiosks up around the park would reduce the need for paper maps, thus implementing an environmentally and economically friendly solution. Kiosk stands could also engage people while waiting in line for rides through interactive entertainment, such as games and even a photobooth branded with your park name.

Another important service the kiosk provides is programmable up-to-date information. The state-of-the-art programming that runs Popshap’s kiosks allows for real-time updates, which could include wait times, so you can efficiently inform your park attendees.


Fill out the form and ask us anything on your mind. Also feel free to give us a call 888-317-5531