How to Create a Successful Tradeshow Experience in 2021

  • Revolutionize your Tradeshow Experience As America continues to open back up, now is the time to prepare for the return of events and tradeshows around the country. Though many are still hesitating, and for good reason. We’ve embraced our client’s problems and work closely with them to find resolutions that will not only deliver immediate benefits but will evolve throughout the life of our working relationship to cater to new, emerging obstacles that may arise along the way. During the height of the COVID-19 crises, Popshap has created new cutting-edge body temperature screening kiosk and thermal sensor software to maximize efficiency and safety at events. Our all-in-one contactless solution also helps with reducing queue sizes, face mask recognition, COVID testing surveys, and more. Our touchless interactive kiosk works best at maximizing profits and enhancing the customer experience. [embed][/embed] Delivering intelligent solutions to every challenge Popshap is also optimized and ready for mobile use. Whether on a laptop, tablet, or even your phone, you can access the entire system and continue running the show from anywhere. And guests love using Popshap’s digital access pass right from their phone. No more touching screens! We may be one of the country’s top manufacturers of high-caliber, body temperature kiosks, but we pride ourselves on being agile and versatile enough to adapt to a variety of different industries, as well as customers both large and small. It's this dedication to service that has helped us become one of the country’s top manufacturers of self-service kiosks. Meet evolving COVID-19 Regulations As we return to events, many organizations are looking for safe solutions to assist them in going back to tradeshows or preparing for employees to return to work these events. Our thermal scanning kiosks, in any environment, can help to limit person-to-person interaction, reducing the risk of transmission of disease or virus between staff and guests. Switching to touchless technology reduces common touchpoints, helping safeguard against the spread of COVID-19 on surfaces. There are a variety of Popshap hands-free and touchless technology solutions that you can implement at your events, in lobbies, conference rooms, and more. Meet attendees ‘demands with real-time monitoring and remote resolutions Effortlessly meet required and recommended State and CDC screening guidelines with our body temperature kiosk. Eliminate labor costs on a dedicated temperature screener, and give yourself and anyone entering your event a visible reminder that you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect their health and safety. Consider what else our temperature kiosk can do:Shorter wait times
  • Enhanced Guest Services
  • Medical-Grade Thermal Infrared Sensor
  • Secure COVID Testing Questionnaire
  • Improved Accuracy and Real-Time Alerts
  • Money Saved on hiring extra staff
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Option
  • One Second per Scan

And that’s just the start! Simple Set-up & Install Setup and installing these kiosk scanners is simple plug-and-play. Takes less than 5 min to start using. Set a new standard in tradeshow and event health and safety. Conducting temperature checks on employees and guests has become commonplace for many venues. Temperature screening kiosks can help stem a crisis and optimize a return on your investment. Amplify Trade Show Engagement Access to thousands of motivated prospects, all gathered in one place. That’s the appeal of trade shows, right? So capitalize on this concentrated source of leads with dazzling visuals, captivating narrative, and safe interactive technology. We weave your sales brochures, product specs, videos, and other collateral into a powerful story about your brand, and present it on your digital kiosk using Popshap’s interactive display software. Generate Traffic to Your Booth We’ll transform your brand into eye-popping experience attendees can’t get from reading a product brochure or clicking through a website. And the best part is, guests will feel safer, freeing up their minds to focus on more important things… Like your brand.