Impressive First Impressions: Why Video Walls in Your Business is a Smart Idea

When walking into the lobby or entrance of your business, what is the first thing people see? Do they see sleek, modern video walls, or do they see the dull interior of an aging building? If so, they’ll subconsciously assume the building is occupied by a dull and aging company. That sour first impression will turn off new customers, depress everyday workers, and fail to intrigue any passersby from outside of the building. The significance of a first impression has been gone over in length by numerous studies but what it takes to make a good first impression as a business has changed faster than the standards for interpersonal connections. While people simply need to be polite, ready, and engaging, a company needs to instantaneously make clear the driving philosophy behind its performance. For leading brands today, that means showing off a commitment to modernization in ways that gel with modern corporate design trends. To that end, there may be no more fitting effort than to integrate large-format video walls. Video walls are beneficial in any setting (as long as you have enough space) and can be used in numerous ways, let’s take a look at more.

Make interactive an everyday experience for customers

Today, customers are progressively comfortable with interactive technology. After all, they use it every day—why shouldn’t they also come across it when shopping or dining out. For instance, video walls incorporated with interactivity in order to engage with consumers in new and exciting ways equals more profits and increased customer satisfaction. Nowadays, it’s not totally uncommon for a 100-foot video wall with interactive capabilities, letting users control features of the display through motion, touch, sensing, or their mobile devices. This rising trend is also trickling over into smaller-scale digital signage. Now, when a customer approaches a digital screen, he or she assumes it to be interactive.

Video Walls Give Customers a Remarkable First Impression

Your business surely relies on its reputation to help generate money. This status relies on repetitively making outstanding first impressions with guests, users, and partners visiting your facility. Companies have learned that the most lucrative and spatially efficient way of doing so is with LED display technology.

Motivate Employees with Noticeable Innovations

While seeing a Popshap video wall for the first time will certainly leave a lasting impression on guests in your lobby, these visitors are of course not the only audience. Personnel too will have their views colored by the stunning display feature and maintaining their self-esteem is equally significant. The top companies need to be lots of things to lots of different folks. They need to make a great first impression on visitors. They need to provoke lasting inspiration within their workers. And they need to project their morals outward to those unassociated with the brand. These different goals can each be helped by using state-of-the-art video walls to revitalize your brand. After all, it’s the first thing your customers will see.