Impressive Tech Strategies to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

Exhibiting at trade shows is a wonderful way to unite with potential customers, try out innovative products, and network with industry front-runners. Nonetheless, it’s always essential to have a strategy for getting noticed next to some of the greater, flashier trade show display you’ll be up against. Fortunately, there are tons of trade show technology solutions that savvy event organizers can use to help stand out from the multitude. Below are 7 trade show technology booth ideas you can use to draw traffic to your booth and interact with your audience. [embed][/embed] INVITE GUESTS TO USE AN INTERACTIVE KIOSK Trade show floors are hectic places — folks probably aren’t going to stand around and watch you talk. Generating an interactive experience, though, piques people’s interest and draws them into your trade show booth. After you’ve created the picture-perfect digital content, capitalize on your success by displaying it in a fascinating way. Interactive kiosks are great for app demonstrations, custom video content, registration, or letting individuals experience your website on a huge scale. Options like touchable video walls, interactive monitors, or touch tables are also awesome trade show ideas to draw folks into your trade show display. Provide A CELL PHONE CHARGING STATION You know the mood. Your feet are worn-out, your bag is hefty with swag, and your phone battery is hovering at 2 percent. Now visualize coming across a mobile charging station and a comfortable spot to sit. Offering a free phone charging station at your trade show display is the perfect way to entice trade show attendees, and immediately give them a positive association with your brand. When you rent a charging station, you can also get it branded with your colors and logos. While people are waiting for their phones to charge, they can also check out your nearby collateral or other materials to learn what your business is offering. BEAT LACKLUSTER Trade show DISPLAYS WITH A VIDEO WALL Video walls are unquestionably eye-catching and allow you to show one seamless image or multiple images across various panels. The sheer size and genius of video walls make them much more remarkable than normal monitors, and your content choices are greater, too. A few concepts to help pull in foot traffic are presenting attendees via social media feeds and showing live virtual reality (VR or AR) content. Ask your event production company for more concepts to help you make the most of your trade show display budget. Popshap provides customized trade show display solutions anywhere in the country.