What is an Interactive Digital Kiosk?

Interactive digital kiosks are kiosks designed to produce a better customer experience. Not all, but Popshap’s are built with custom software which helps teach it to cater to a wide range of requests. Today, we will look at what an interactive digital kiosk can do for your brand. What is an interactive digital kiosk? The position of a guest services specialist is filled by an interactive digital kiosk. These kiosks are adaptable, making them ideal for a range of functions such as greeting, registration, and guiding. Interactive Digital KioskWho is the target audience for digital kiosks? There are three types of people who can benefit from digital kiosks: Visitors: Visitors include vendors, visitors, and consumers - in other words, anyone who isn't affiliated with the company that is setting up the kiosk. Visitor concierge kiosks are commonly seen in office buildings, educational campuses, trade exhibitions, museums, hotels, and event locations. Residents are people who live or work in a specific location. Apartment complexes or condos, rented or owned space within an office complex, office personnel, and college students who attend school and/or live on campus are all examples of this.

What are some of the most popular types of interactive digital kiosks?

Interactive Touchscreens TOUCHSCREEN KIOSKS usually have capacitive touch displays that work in a similar way to a smartphone. They're a form of touch screen that's usually quite responsive. These kiosks are typically equipped with digital kiosk software that can perform a variety of concierge-related functions, including visitor management, self-check-in for visitors and guests, and building directories and wayfinding. Touch screen kiosks can be found in hotel and corporate lobbies, for example. Apps & QR Codes The information supplied via a digital concierge can be accessed in a unique way using a mobile app and QR codes. Rather than having the information displayed on a full-size kiosk, visitors may simply scan the QR code for the app from anything as basic as a sheet of paper or as complex as a digital video wall. Visitors and guests will have a better experience with interactive digital concierge kiosks. They assist businesses to interact with their customers, whether physically or digitally, in order to better serve them and keep them coming back. Are you thinking about getting a digital concierge kiosk? TODAY, contact the Popshap, for more information or a quote.