4 Proven Interactive Trade Show Kiosk Strategies Major Brands Use

Are you in charge of planning a trade show or event? If you want to make your folks feel great about your booth, there is ONE GIANT secret that can give you major success… it’s an interactive trade show kiosk. By now it shouldn’t be a secret but making your trade show booth interactive, makes it more memorable. To help you see success on the trade show floor we are going to cover some of the best tips, tricks, and proven systems for creating more involvement (and entertainment!) at your booth with an interactive trade show kiosk. Interactive touch screen kiosk solutions

ATTENDEE participation

Attendee participation is dire to a successful event. Invite as much involvement with your interactive trade show kiosk as you possibly can. And remember, you want feedback before, during, and after your event. Don’t wait until a few days after the show is over to survey your audience do it right there on the spot, from your interactive trade show kiosk. Your goal from the get-go is to get as many leads and as much feedback as possible.  Example: If the demonstrations are running long and boring your audience, use your interactive trade show kiosk to gain input and then instantly use that feedback to make real-time changes. Now that’s how you make an adjustment on the fly! Attendees will feel heard and empowered.

DEMOS that include attendees

Your audience wants to interact that is why they are at the trade show. If your theme is “Building Together,” don’t have one person do all the talking. Instead use creative content on your interactive trade show kiosk to showcase reviews, create games, or puzzles, display interviews all from the touch device. Folks remember what they do. The key thing is this: Don’t tell them about it. Show them and involve them.

ENTERTAINMENT that involves

One of the amazing things about an interactive trade show kiosk is it has so many options. Humor is characteristically interactive because laughter connects people. It’s also great medicine that can revive life in your booth. Consider this: an interactive photo booth that allows you to change backgrounds and add fun images to the picture. Another fun feature an interactive trade show kiosk has could be a mind-reading game, a sing-along showcase, or even live streaming on social media. The point is, don’t forget to include the interactive fun factor at your booth.

GAMES and contests

This is one of the main reasons why brands love their interactive trade show kiosk… The games and contests. With Popshaps software you can include, game shows like “Name that Tune” and “Family Feud”, and so much more. Many of your attendees are competitive individuals. Put them in the spotlight and generate enjoyment with an interactive game that ends with prizes and rewards. With our kiosks software, there are even games that can consist of your entire audience with smartphone polling apps. Next, if you can budget for it, have a production partner run the technical side of your trade show booth. The big trend will be toward hybrid events with some attendees in person and some joining via a virtual connection. A company like Popshap can make your entire event look and feel unforgettable.