It's "Go Time" in Event Planning

Every year in the event world, event planners and producers gear up for May, also known as the Super Bowl of the event and trade show season.

As spring is upon us and the weather is warming, we are reminded that trade show season is here. Annually, May brings the largest event and trade show numbers; it’s no different this year for our team here at Popshap. On average, Popshap handles about 7-10 events and trade shows each month. In May, we triple the amount of projects, providing our touch screens, touch kiosks and touch tables all over the world - from NYC to Singapore and everywhere in between.

So why is May such a perfect month for events and trade shows? It’s simple, almost everywhere in the U.S. you will find the most agreeable weather of the year. The ease of travel increases the chance of a successful event that much more. The second reason is the fact that each event - when planned correctly - takes time to plan, and normally brands start the planning around January or Q1 of each year.

27 inch Touchscreen kiosk

In May of 2019, Popshap will be renting over 150 touch kiosks, 80 touch tables and over 20 video wall setups. Year after year we look to our amazing partners to manage the work, and we would not be able to get it all done without them! Stay tuned for amazing images and also a video reel showcasing the month of May.