What You Need to Know About Digital Signage with Facial Recognition

Business, in general, has become extremely challenging due to fast-changing customer behavior over the last two years. Outdated business models are no longer able to fulfill shopper satisfaction. Today, brands are getting more effective digital tools to attract consumers.

Over the years, the application of digital signage has transformed the business world in many ways. For starters, digital signage has a higher recollection rate than most in-store marketing tools. It can capture more views than old displays such as paper posters and banners. Yet, as more and more digital signage is put to use the more companies quickly realize the restrictions of their digital signage.

Let's chat about using digital signage with facial recognition in business.

As more and more digital signage is utilized the more brands realize that patrons are getting used to seeing digital content in stores. It is becoming harder to entice new consumers.

Digital Signage with Facial Recognition

In addition, measuring and computing digital signage ROI can be very hard. But the only way to find out if you’ve got any real results, business owners need to assess their campaigns' usefulness by looking at the return on investment. Besides, stores are also regularly looking for ways to amass valuable customer statistics such as gender, age, and the time spent in looking at the digital signage.

Audience measurement

The integration of digital signage with facial recognition technology offers huge benefits to retail business owners. Audience measurement is one of the benefits.

Audience measurement solution helps to explore and collect measurement data on how viewers interact with the digital signage. With the help of the face detection system and the camera, the result can determine the number of viewers, the number of spectators, the total time spent in viewing the digital content, and other useful data. What is even better is that the answer can group these data by age and gender.

Digital Content optimization

Another advantage of using digital signage with facial recognition is content optimization. Since digital signage with the face recognition feature can identify the gender and age group of viewers, retailers can now deliver highly tailored marketing messages in real-time.

Envision you are the owner of a large shoe store. There is digital signage throughout your store. You have no clue whether to display the promo video of men's dress shoes, high heels, or kid’s footwear.

By using the face recognition system, your digital signage can show the promo video of high heels when a female shopper is looking at the screen, and it can also change to the promo video of men's shoes when there is a male buyer.

While digital technology is evolving faster than ever before, businesses should adapt to change rapidly by implementing digital business approaches. Even though the future of facial recognition still gets push back due to privacy worries, we cannot deny the fact that digital signage with facial recognition features can help to increase the shopping experience.