New Years Business Resolutions

All endings, which are usually followed by a beginning, always entail a great deal of introspection. You begin to wonder about your current state of affairs and the activities that have been enforcing them. Now once you do that you begin to make resolutions about the upcoming year to try to bring the sought after results.

Business Framework

Coming at this from a business perspective, fortunately, can lead to very actionable answers. Business is simpler because the goals can be simpler. Businesses try to make money whereas in your life your aiming for a much more complex goal, happiness. But in business, you may have brilliant ideas about how to increase revenue. You have an incredible projection of what your brand could be. Great. An idea is a start, but how can you bring those ideas to life? And almost equally important, how can you make other people believe in those ideas?

Marketing is Packaging

Precious things need precious wrapping. Imagine getting served the most incredible meal on the most disgusting looking plates and plasticware. You probably wouldn't even eat it. Ideas work in the same fashion they require the proper packaging. You could have the most brilliant idea, but if you pitch it to someone without appropriate casing it won't get off the ground. What's really crazy is how this works in the inverse. How we have seen time and time again, that really pathetic and unoriginal ideas, get fantastic marketing, AKA packaging, and do unbelievably well. [caption id="attachment_1249" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Kiosks Touch Kiosks[/caption]

Creating a Solution

This brings me to the selling point right? Well yes, but it should bring you to the resolution point. I have a product that encapsulates ideas and brands extremely well. It comes equipped with a large custom display screen. A sleek design, clean formatting, and content generated by you, as in your idea getting appropriately presented. That would resolve a lot of business resolutions. The problem changes from how to present the idea, to how to execute it.


Large touch screen kiosks. They are firstly beautiful in appearance. But what really adds to it is the interactive quality. Your customers, or potential customers, get to put their hands on your brand. We'll help you design content specific to your event or store, so it grabs the attention of people. With a dynamic screen and a range of interface options, spanning the spectrum from simply digital posters, to picture taking, to facial recognition, the options are entirely up to your imagination. So now when you ask this year about what you can do to increase productivity in your income, one thing should stand alone. Kiosks. They bring the interactivity of smartphones to a public domain. They link what people search for on their phones to social interaction. Bring one or two kiosks to your next event and see how the audience responds.