NRF Show Recap 

The 3-day Popshap experience at NRF2020

Whenever we participate at a large trade show we have the same expectations and overall we either meet them or do a bit better, the nature of NRF which is a show we exhibited for the first time is to separate the big companies from the small ones which are smart, however, Popshap is a unique example of how a small company can showcase big technologies, especially because of the type of projects we have done in the past two years and the scale of our clients. The most asked question at the show was how come we had such a small booth and the answer was clear, Retail for us is all about the specific experience and we exhibit at NRF to showcase specifically how we can impact the future of retail with our hardware/software winning and complete strategy.

After 3 long days I can sum the experience as educational, you may ask why, but for me and my team it's important to be educated about the retail world needs and specific to each brand so we can come up with creative solutions using our technology, we LISTEN to our customers and potential customers in every vertical but in retail, you have to, in many cases, solve a problem and when you solve that problem you have to show the process, the data associated so you can impact on some level and increase sales, brand awareness and more.wanted to thank everyone that stopped by our booth, interacted with our digital trade show display and learned more about Popshap and we look forward to serving you in the future.