Optical Bonding For Touch Screens Displays

When thinking about advancements in touch screen displays, often our thoughts turn to the awe inspiring – displays that make headlines at CES and other major trade shows. However, there are improvements that are introduced with less fanfare but have more direct applications for the average user. Optical bonding is a new adhesive process that is enabling touchscreen displays to keep up with the demands of new uses in environments and settings not ideal for digital displays. While adhesives might not sound so exciting, the result is brighter, clearer visuals, making screens look more vivid and of a higher quality.

Traditionally, the touch screen displays is attached to an LCD display using an adhesive gasket frame that sits between the touch-responsive cover and the actual display, creating an air gap. Optical bonding adheres the touch screen cover to the LCD display with an optically clear adhesive, eliminating the air gap. So, what does that mean?

  • Improved visibility in sunlight – Using traditional methods, sunlight refracts on the air gap between the display and glass cover.
  • More rugged, durable touch screens displays – With optical bonding, there is no space for dust or condensation to accumulate between the display and glass cover.

Touchscreen kiosk rentals for use in outdoor settings or humid locations should be fabricated using optical bonding for the best performance. When renting a touchscreen display through Popshap’s custom kiosk installation service, we assess your desired location for the kiosk to match the environment’s demands with the proper hardware components. We have optical bonded touchscreen displays available for rent when your next event takes you outdoors!