Outdoor Digital Signage Makes Social Distancing Easy

outdoor digital signage “Do it outside” has been the word during the pandemic. Whether events or home gatherings, creative thinking has been important, and outdoor digital signage is playing an imperative part in assisting to keep people out of danger and socially distanced.

Visuals and Messaging

Serving as a bit of art, an avenue for marketing communication, and a source of safe entertainment, a large video wall works perfectly in a plaza or shopping center. Our product approach is to meet the “4 Ds”: distance, domain, design, and details. The best viewing distance would range from 30 feet to 200 feet, contingent on how the digital screen was being used. We recommend a 6mm pixel pitch to deliver the best experience for all applications. The second D is “domain,” or atmosphere. This use case requires a rugged panel that can withstand the harsh winters. The next element we study is the design. Design renderings should convey a stair-stepped edge on both the top and bottom of the outdoor digital signage, provoking custom-sized modules to accomplish the goal. The last D finishes in the details, such as the digital content (marketing communication, branded visuals, entertainment), structure, and media controller.

Flex Space

Imagine a large pavilion constructed as a flex space for corporate events, gatherings, presentations, and ceremonial meetings. It needs a system that offers high image visibility and that would not be affected by natural elements, like high temperature, humidity, and pollen. Possibly the most relevant outdoor digital signage type has been the outdoor display for fast food stores. Many fast-food brands and restaurants were not ready to provide a socially distant and touchless experience. Now, many restaurant brands are adding drive-through or curbside services to their operations. Big, daylight-viewable digital displays are instrumental in the effectiveness of a drive-up or drive-through experience. Restaurateurs now see the significance of bright, weatherproof outdoor digital signage—particularly in areas visible to direct sun and rain. Many products in the market classify themselves as “outdoor” or “high bright,” but validating specifications will help. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLJcv8avppE[/embed] Drive-up and drive-through restaurants with Popshap’s high-bright outdoor digital signage will provide a good way to connect with consumers, as well as a socially distant and touchless dining experience for many years to come. From hotels to museums, to car dealerships, each business and location planning to stay open will benefit from installing outdoor digital signage that assist in a smooth shift from traditional procedures to newly updated methods. To safeguard the health and safety of workers and consumers, brands and venues should look to integrate new and existing technology solutions that help everybody clearly understand what safety measures are in place—this is where digital signage technology is crucial. At the end of the day, digital signage technology can help keep both the end user and the company that installs it more connected and knowledgeable.