How Patient Expectations Enhance Using Digital Signage

Both the development of digital technology and the recent epidemic has dramatically changed patient and visitor expectations around data access in healthcare. For hospitals and healthcare systems at large, digital signage offers an effective tool for communicating essential real-time material.

Does digital signage impact perceive wait times in healthcare?

There have been many studies that support the idea that digital signage does decrease perceived wait times. The key to this notion is "perceived." So, why do folks think they wait for less? It's all about psychology.

When folks have some confidence around time, it passes faster for them. For instance, if you're a patient sitting in the ER and have zero info about an expected wait, you tend to instantaneously think that it's going to be a long time. Though, if a digital sign displays the estimated wait time and updates in real-time, you have information that tells you what to anticipate.

You're handling perceptions, not necessarily reality. Patients and their relatives sitting and waiting for healthcare services are likely already nervous. If you can offer them some parameters around time, you can help ease their anxiety.

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Engaged time feels shorter than unoccupied time

Another facet of wait time perception comes from entertainment. Retail and restaurant are the industries known for these strategies. They use entertainment components in digital signage to engage the individual in a queue.

Healthcare can apply it in the same exact way. For instance, you might want to lean more into the "infotainment" realm. You can offer patients and visitors material disguised as entertainment around healthcare best practices.

Healthcare facilities are often dealing with individuals under a high level of stress. Digital signage delivers a vehicle to effectively communicate, answer requests, and provide simplicity.

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