The Perfect Digital Solution for Your Next Event

As events start to come back this year we can’t help but feel hopeful about all of the possibilities. From video walls to digital signage, to touch table rental. Innovative technology like this will make your next event to another level. We have created simple, digital platforms for creating and managing unique interactive experiences for your customers. It’s as simple as choosing an experience, uploading your content, and adding it to any or every device in your facility or event. interactive trade show kiosk for Your Next Event It’s that simple! These devices aren’t used just by customers; many industries use them as well. From retail stores and restaurants to airports and real estate companies, countless companies now use interactive touch table rental in their day-to-day business operations. If you’re a business owner, you should consider integrating these devices into your workplace for the following reasons;
  • Assistive Technology
Interactive digital technology is also valuable in accommodating customers with physical issues that might make a traditional mouse and keyboard setup hard to use. Customers with arthritis, for example, may have trouble manipulating a mouse or typing on a typical keyboard, making traditional computing tasks problematic. Directly accessing icons on a screen, though, may be much easier for a customer with physical challenges, particularly when paired with a stylus or other pointing device to improve the interface.
  • Saves Time
Several industries use touch-screen technology to fast-track their speed of service, allowing consumers to serve themselves at touch-screen kiosks. Consumers use these self-serve kiosks for regular services, such as ordering food, paying bills, or accessing account data swiftly. As a result, companies can offer shorter lines and decrease wait times for other consumers, while reducing the need to hire, train and pay new workers.
  • Space and Flexibility
Standard computer systems that need a mouse and keyboard for operation take up more space than these devices. Touch table devices thus can be used with better ease in spaces where a customer does not have a lot of room to place a CPU.

The quickest way to get all your interactive answers

When it comes to your next event, Popshap can educate you on all the newest interactive kiosk solutions and self-service technology, to give you the solutions you need to make the greatest decisions for your business. Whether you need expert interactive kiosk consulting and organization, or a particular technology solution, Popshap is inspired by one only thing – your success.