Podcast Episode 3: Trade Show I&D Labor - Communication is Key - with John Zipay from ON Location

Welcome to our blog post recapping the latest episode of our podcast. In this episode, we had the honor of hosting John Zipay, Senior Account Executive from ON Location, a renowned national labor, installation, and dismantling company in the live events industry. Our conversation delved into the dynamic world of trade show I&D labor, trade show technology, and corporate installations, with a special focus on the crucial role of communication. Together, we explored the challenges faced by trade show exhibitors and the significance of efficient trade show I&D labor. Join us as we highlight the key points discussed during the podcast and shed light on the challenges and solutions faced in the industry.

ON Location: A Trusted Partner in Live Events

ON Location, a prominent player in the trade show industry, boasts a rich history that spans back to the early '90s. As a leading national company specializing in trade show I&D labor, they have cemented their reputation as a go-to provider for trade shows and events nationwide. With union contracts in major cities and a robust presence in key markets like the northeast, Vegas, Texas, Florida, and Illinois, ON Location has solidified its position as a trusted partner in meeting the labor needs of various industries. Their extensive expertise enables them to deliver exceptional services for trade shows, corporate environment installations, new product activations, and more, ensuring seamless execution and remarkable experiences for their clients.


The collaboration between ON Location and their clients is built on mutual trust and a shared goal of delivering exceptional service. Through meaningful partnerships, they have expanded their capacity and provided much-needed support to event organizers and exhibitors. By offering seamless integration into existing operations, ON Location acts as an extension of their client's teams, ensuring a consistent level of quality and professionalism.

Our collaboration with ON Location began when we met at a trade show, instantly realizing the potential of working together. In our initial discussions, we addressed the common challenges faced by businesses seeking to expand their operations without the necessary support for trade show I&D labor. ON Location's timely partnership became the bridge that allowed us to overcome these hurdles and achieve our goals seamlessly. Their team's unwavering professionalism and dedication have transformed them into an indispensable extension of our services, ensuring a flawless and cohesive experience for our clients throughout the entire I&D process.

Navigating Post-COVID Challenges:

Like many industries, the events and trade show sector encountered substantial obstacles in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the scarcity of skilled trade show I&D labor. John from ON Location sheds light on the prevalent labor shortage, emphasizing the need for proficient workers who can handle various tasks, troubleshoot technical challenges, and communicate effectively with clients. Recognizing this challenge, ON Location has taken proactive measures to advocate for trades and skilled labor, actively encouraging young professionals to consider rewarding careers in the field of trade show I&D labor.

Embracing Technology for the Future:

In the ever-evolving world of trade shows and technology, keeping up with new advancements is essential. The industry has moved away from bulky furniture-dominated displays to a more technology-oriented approach. Innovations like flat-screen TVs have transformed how exhibitors present their products, while Wi-Fi integration and the shift from wood to aluminum and fabric structures have further propelled the infusion of technology in exhibits. As John mentioned, nearly every setup now includes a media player, whether it's a USB drive, internet connection, or other innovative solutions.

At ON Location, they prioritize internal education and teamwork to adapt to these changes. Younger team members, who are typically more tech-savvy, share their knowledge with their experienced colleagues, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone stays updated on the latest technological developments. They also encourage additional training, such as AutoCAD classes, to enhance skills and meet industry demands. By embracing education, training, and teamwork, ON Location remains at the forefront of technological trends.

Looking forward, Eitan Magid predicts that augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and AI-driven technologies, including chatbots and GPT-powered solutions, will significantly impact the trade show industry. These technologies go beyond exhibit design, with AI-powered staffing solutions and AI kiosks for organizers becoming valuable assets. As the industry continues to evolve, staying educated and leveraging innovative technologies will be key to success.

The Importance of Communication

Communication has always been a critical factor in the success of live events, especially when it comes to trade show I&D labor. Clients often have concerns regarding communication and expect seamless interactions and updates throughout the process. ON Location, understanding the significance of effective communication and transparency goes beyond the traditional "no news is good news" approach and instead focuses on constant communication and proactive reporting.

To enhance communication and streamline their processes in the realm of trade show I&D labor, ON Location has made significant investments in advanced technology. They have developed a proprietary platform and mobile app that have become indispensable tools for both the company and its clients. Exhibitors can now stay informed and engaged throughout the installation and dismantling process, receiving real-time updates, progress reports, and even photos directly through the app. This technology not only ensures clear and efficient communication but also helps manage expectations and provides exhibitors with peace of mind, even when they are unable to be physically present at the event. By prioritizing communication and leveraging innovative technology, ON Location continues to deliver exceptional service and create seamless experiences for their clients in the world of trade show I&D labor.

The Road Ahead

ON Location has established itself as a leader in the installation and dismantling industry, providing exceptional trade show I&D labor services while embracing advanced technology to transform the live events experience. Through their seamless integration into clients' operations, commitment to exceptional customer service, and innovative use of technology, ON Location continues to elevate the standard for trade show I&D labor.

As the industry evolves, ON Location remains at the forefront, setting new benchmarks for excellence and delivering unparalleled value to their clients. Their expertise, innovation, and dedication position ON Location as the driving force shaping the future of trade show I&D labor services and creating remarkable experiences for years to come.