Podcast Episode 4: Innovative Trade Show Solutions with Dan Donati from The Deondo Company

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Beyond Interactive Podcast! In this episode, our special guest, Dan Donati from The Deondo Company, joined us to talk about their innovative product, the Nook Event Pods. Dan shares insights into the benefits of these portable meeting pods and how they are revolutionizing the event industry. From providing a quiet space for impromptu meetings to offering branding and sponsorship opportunities, the Nook Event Pods are changing the way people interact and engage at conferences and events. Read on to learn more about this exciting concept and how it can add value to your next event.

Introducing the Nook Event Pods by The Deondo Company

"The Deondo Company offers Nook Event Pods for rent, which are highly convenient and portable meeting pods designed for conferences and various event spaces," explains Dan. These pods serve as an efficient solution for people to gather and engage in impromptu meetings at show sites. Whether individuals require a tranquil space to retreat from the bustling crowd or need a moment of solitude, the Nook Event Pods provide a sanctuary. Additionally, these pods are equipped with charging units, ensuring that attendees can conveniently power up their electronic devices. The incorporation of acoustical panels within the pods effectively reduces the impact of ambient noise often found on busy trade show floors, promoting a conducive environment for productive discussions and interactions.

Sponsorship Potential 

Event management companies often collaborate with Deondo Company to establish rental agreements, leveraging the pods as sponsorship opportunities for their clients. "Every space on the pods can be branded, so the back walls, the inside walls, and it's really a good opportunity for sponsors to capture people's attention," Dan explains. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows event management companies to generate revenue, provide sponsor opportunities to gain exposure, and allows attendees to enjoy a comfortable and functional space within the Nook pods.

As mentioned by Dan, one of the major challenges faced by The Deondo Company is conveying the value that these Nook pods provide to event management companies. They sometimes struggle to capture the value Nook pods provide in their marketing materials. However, Dan emphasizes the importance of educating partners about the product and providing training and support to enhance the overall experience. "The more you can educate the end recipients of your product and how they can service it, the more scalable the product becomes," Dan shares. By fostering these partnerships and empowering event management companies, plug-and-play solutions can be seamlessly integrated into event setups.

One of the key advantages of plug-and-play solutions is their ease of use. "That's what surprises most of our customers: They roll off the truck, put them into place, and plug them in. I don't have to do anything else," says Dan. This plug-and-play nature eliminates the need for extensive setup and reduces the time and effort required from event organizers. It allows them to focus on other critical aspects of event planning and ensures a hassle-free experience for all involved parties.

Elevating Engagement with Technology Integration in Nook Event Pods

The Nook Event Pod offers more than just a pleasant space for conversation and interaction—it creates a unique opportunity for sponsorship. According to Dan from The Deondo Company, "every space on the pods can be branded, from the back walls to the inside walls, making it an excellent way for sponsors to capture people's attention." Unlike traditional sponsorship stickers scattered throughout the event space, the Nook Pods provide a focused and impactful platform for sponsors to convey their message. With individuals spending an average of 15-20 minutes inside these pods, sponsors have a prime opportunity to effectively communicate their brand and offerings.

Moreover, the collaboration between The Deondo Company and Popshap brings an additional layer of value to the Nook Pods through technology integration. Dan highlights the significance of touchscreens within the pods, stating that they provide exhibitors with a powerful tool to engage and captivate attendees. These touchscreens enable exhibitors to seamlessly showcase presentations, conduct quick meetings, and interact with potential customers. Outside the Nook pods, a touchscreen kiosk further enhances the experience by offering lead generation, gamification, and other interactive features. Dan expresses his excitement, sharing, "As an exhibitor, utilizing the Popshap touchscreen was a game-changer. It made it so much easier for me to showcase examples and demonstrate the capabilities of our product." For both exhibitors and sponsors, the inclusion of touchscreens in the Nook pods presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase their offerings and company ethos.

Harnessing Data Insights and Analytics for Optimal Engagement

In addition to the visual appeal and technological advancements, Dan emphasizes the value of analytics in understanding attendee participation and occupancy levels. By incorporating screen-based usage and even tiny cameras, event organizers can gain valuable insights into visitor interactions both inside and outside the Nook setups. Dan envisions the future possibilities, stating, "I can see the future of this when you put a tiny camera and track how many people are visiting these for the sponsor to get some analytics on the interaction inside and outside, just tracking eyeballs." This data-driven approach empowers organizers to make informed decisions and optimize their engagement strategies based on real-time analytics.

Reflecting on Industry Changes and Anticipating Continued Growth

Looking ahead to the future Dan highlights the necessity of expanding their warehouses to cater to different regions across the country. As Dan said, "I think our biggest growth in the next year and challenges would be increasing our inventory, making sure that we can keep them affordable and make sure that we can get them to shows that want 'em, even if it's in the middle of the country and it's not gonna cost a fortune to get 'em there." Their primary obstacles currently revolve around transportation costs and labor, which they plan to overcome by bolstering their inventory and maintaining affordability while upholding quality standards.

Reflecting on the changes between last year and the present in the trade show industry, Dan observes a significant rebound following the impact of Covid-19. This year, The Deondo Company has experienced notable growth, and they anticipate this trend to persist. Dan is enthusiastic about their continued collaboration with Popshap and expresses a desire to integrate additional technology into their Nook Event Pods. He said, "It's just nice to work with good people, you know, who see eye to eye in an industry where you really need partners." This alignment of values and vision fosters a positive working relationship that drives the company forward.

In conclusion, The Deondo Company's Nook Event Pods are transforming the event industry by offering a versatile and convenient solution for gatherings and interactions. By combining sponsorship opportunities, cutting-edge technology, and data-driven insights, the Nook Event Pods revolutionize the way people engage and interact at events. They provide a captivating space for meaningful conversations, create a powerful platform for sponsors, and offer exhibitors valuable tools to showcase their products and services. The future of event experiences is here, and it's embodied by the innovative Nook Event Pods.