Pop up to your next trade show with an interactive game!

Trade shows are serious business and require plenty of preparation and strategy. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for a little fun. Interactive trade show games can be a great way to stand out from the competition and draw more attention to your booth. Not only will they increase foot traffic, but they can also help generate more brand awareness and leads. 

While many companies hand out branded t-shirts, pens, and keychains at their booths, interactive trade show games are what really draws people in and keeps them at your booth longer. Every second that attendees linger gives you more time to deliver your message and collect their contact information. It's even been proven that interactive trade show games help visitors remember your brand and service. 

Here at Popshap we provide high-quality touchscreen kiosks that make it easy to host interactive trade show games. From trivia and scavenger hunts to quizzes and puzzles, Popshap's list of interactive trade show games have something for everyone. With an easy-to-use interface, creating and managing games are easy. So if you are looking for ways to keep your trade show attendees engaged, consider popping up with an interactive game.

Popshap Interactive Trade Show Games and Software

Getting great leads and making a good first impression on guests are priceless, so don't skimp on your interactive game. Increased foot traffic and new leads will provide a return on your investment. These high-end trade show games are intended to captivate and awe trade show attendees:

Spin the Wheel: This lead generation tool captures attendees with a chance to win free swag. Attendees must enter in their contact info for a chance to spin. Excite audiences with this favorite.

Trivia: Want to know who the serious players are in your industry? Entertain attendees with industry or product questions that can be answered to win prizes and capture leads.

Raffle: Create excitement for attendees with a raffle. It is great for brand awareness and lead generation.

Photo Booth: Take your brand experience to the next level with your own selfie booth. Get creative and Popshap can replace the trade show floor background in your selfie with any image. Send photos directly to the attendees inbox from the same touch screen kiosk equipped with a camera.

Matching Game: Test your skills and see how many matches you can make before time runs out! With a leaderboard included, this is a great way for attendees to interact and earn a chance to win swag. 

Custom Trade Show Games

Custom trade show game creation is an exciting way to make an event special. At Expo Expo in Kentucky, Popshap took this to the next level and created a horse racing game to go along with the Kentucky Derby theme. This custom trade show game provided an interactive and fun experience that kept the attendees engaged and excited. If you're interested in adding a custom trade show game to your next event, we're here to help. Schedule a demo call with us to learn more about what we can create for you!