Popshap Announce Partnership That Will Catapult Trade Shows Into The Digital Era

We proudly announce our partnership with Shepard, a worldwide leader in the trade show and events industry. “The goal with Shepard is to help trade shows move into the digital age by becoming more interactive with their presentations. We also want to bridge the digital gap for exhibitors especially for Shepard’s clients,” said Eitan Magid CEO of Popshap. A partnership like this makes sense because trade show logistics can make or break an event. This trusted union offers exhibitors white-glove services, and economical shipping and handling rates. Popshap even provides a dedicated service desk at every show. Now, Shepard’s clients can get digital trade show technology at more affordable rates and price points than ever before! Popshap is known for its customer-centric interactive trade show technology. Combining physical events with digital experiences, brands are discovering that interactive digital technology is driving bigger audiences, increasing engagement, and long-term success. Popshap is built to scale, their intelligent event technology creates personalized attendee experiences for events large and small. But that’s not all, Popshap has also been making headlines with their recent “Bringing Trade Shows Back Safely” campaign all across America! Where they have been donating their body temperature kiosks to event organizers in hopes to see trade shows make a comeback in 2021. Preparing for a tradeshow has a lot of moving pieces, now it’s easier than ever to simplify the entire process, lower costs for exhibitors, and build immersive, stunning interactive experiences just like the major brands. That is why this partnership is special. Not to mention this partnership pairs decades of experience in the event and technology space to provide modern trade show technology. This partnership means immediate access to consultants that can help find the exact interactive or digital experience brands need. It means a stress-free experience, where companies can trust that they'll receive what they need when they need it. It also means developing meaningful partnerships with other vendors to get the best service for the best prices - And then pass those benefits directly to the attendees. Popshap is proficient at anticipating future changes because they have the resources available to do trend research, which explores the changing demographics of any event. This research helps to select and strategically place technology that considers the integration of a multi-generational audience, the changing desires of exhibitors, the balance between collaboration areas versus private working areas, and many more factors. A partnership like this permits exhibitors to have a competitive edge in technology, data, and digital support. It also allows brands to schedule pre-show appointments, consistently capture leads, enhance first impressions, and follow-ups. Global businesses think about what their brand stands for, and where it should go next. Popshap is creating a new normal that is driving extraordinary results in the trade show and events industry. Around the world – at convention centers, stadiums, hotels, and arenas – Popshap is proud to partner with Shepard to help event organizations of all types create a more seamless experience for attendee interactions while improving cost efficiency. For more information about Popshap please go to www.popshap.com