Popshap Enhances Value for Trade Show Exhibitors and Event Organizers

The eager emergence of in-person trade show events has exposed differences in the way events are experienced, and who is presenting and attending them. And Popshap is here to help. New studies show that, among Corona Virus variants and a variation of vaccines, face masks, and social distancing rules and guidelines, corporations are much pickier about who is attending trade shows. This is the consequence of many issues that include:

  • Company management respects the worries of team members who are not ready to travel to events or receive a vaccine.
  • Condensed travel expenses due to limited budgets.
  • Corporations send only critical team members to events.

As an effect, events are experiencing lower attendance – on average 50% to 70% below pre-COVID statistics, but with higher quality connections. The reduction of passive attendees and increase of higher quality leads on trade show floors has formed the sort of value expos and events are anticipated to render, in the form of networks, partnerships, and new transactions. With a decline in show floor traffic and higher quality leads, exhibitors and show directors have increased effort on how to attract, engage, and capture show traffic by using digital solutions that drive engagement, increasing participation at the booth. Popshap the industry leader in interactive technology and lead capture solutions has mobilized its events team at trade shows, and expos across America to demonstrate the power of interactive technology that educates, entertains, and incentivizes engagement. Through interactive wayfinding, brandable QR codes, selfie booths, prize wheels, and more. Popshap helps brands incentivize attendance in sessions, meetings, and exhibits. Popshap’s wayfinding, for example, turns any physical location into a reference point that can easily guide attendees based on participation. You can even make a wayfinding game. Points can be collected for each engagement point, and exhibited on a leaderboard anywhere at the event, on a website, digital kiosk, or any connected individual device. Information collected from exhibitors using Popshap’s interactive technology at in-person trade shows over the previous 10 months reflects an average 45% increase in engagement and a 10x increase in leads netted.