Popshap in the News: Donating Body Temperature Kiosks to Trade Show Organizers

Recently we launched a campaign to bring trade shows back to American cities by donating our body temperature kiosks to event organizers. Our first donation was back in February at the Florida Wedding Expo at the Orange County Convention Center. We installed our body temperature kiosks with face masks recognition software all throughout the entrances of the venue. Popshap scanned more than 2,500 attendees in less than three hours. Each person was scanned for fever while taking between one to three seconds to scan everyone.Popshap’s body temperature kiosks are able to scan over 100,000 people in a day. Here is what the Florida Wedding Expo organizers had to say about Popshap. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSfnrbDYiig[/embed] In today’s post-COVID era, marketing has become more focused on mobile and computer screens. You might be thinking, “Why are trade shows still important?”. The worth of in-person networking flies underneath the radar, even though personal acquaintances often solidify strong business associations. Most folks who attend trade shows and conferences do so because they’re looking for something. Many want to see what’s fresh and innovative in their industry. Others attend because they may be searching for answers to problems they’re facing in their own industries. For our industry, this means a captive audience that has a motivation to hear what you have to say. The importance of trade shows to the American economy can’t be overstated. Local cities and businesses feed off of people traveling to attend trade shows or conferences. When brands attend trade shows in different regions of the country, they also have the ability to expand their customer base. They have access to clients who they may have never known existed otherwise. One of the best strategies that companies from every industry have found to market their products and services to a large specified group of potential customers is by becoming an exhibitor at a trade show. What makes Popshap’s body temperature kiosk the most unique, is the fact that they are fully customizable from the hardware to the software. What’s also interesting about Popshap is that the company was created to provide trade shows and events with modernized, customer-centric, interactive experiences. Trade shows are chaotic and Popshap simplifies the trade show process with a consistent digital solution to create the foundation for predictable results. Popshap’s technology allows you to capture attention and leads with interactive experiences that excite event audiences, amplifies engagement, and generates a buzz. Global businesses think about what their brand stands for, and where it should go next. Popshap is creating a new normal that is driving extraordinary results in the trade show and events industry. Around the world – at convention centers, stadiums, hotels, and hospitals – Popshap is helping event organizations of all types create a more seamless experience for customer interactions while improving cost efficiency. Feel free to take a look at all of our body temperature kiosks below.