The Most Popular Self-Service Kiosk Questions We Get Asked

Self-service kiosks continue to rise in admiration as a powerful tool promoting businesses’ customer experience approaches.  With this outpouring of interest comes more questions about everything from payment options to interactive kiosks. Below, we’ve collected a list of the most common self-service kiosk questions and their solutions. Why should my QSR invest in self-service kiosks? Self-service kiosks offer momentous advantages to QSRs and fast casuals.  Not only do digital kiosks shorten wait times at checkout stands, but data shows digital kiosks can increase average ticket orders up to 30 percent due to cross-selling aptitudes and the privacy units offer patrons during the ordering procedure.  In addition, labor can be averted to more customer-focused responsibilities like expediting food or cleaning, which can directly impact your patron’s experience at your establishment. As more restaurants invest in the technology, patrons will expect their favorite QSRs and fast casuals to offer the same effectiveness and convenience being offered somewhere else. Does my business need self-service kiosks? Yes of course!  While self-service kiosks have been highly noticeable in the QSR industry, countless other verticals can utilize the profits of this technology, too. self-service kiosk From wayfinding to registration abilities, self-service kiosks offer boundless opportunities for other businesses like healthcare, automotive, grocery, home improvement, retail, hospitality, cannabis dispensaries, and so many more.  In fact, having self-service technology can help as a competitive advantage in a challenging retail landscape where the buyer experience is a valued performance gage. Make sure you’re setting yourselves apart from other companies in your trade. What kind of payments can be used at a self-order kiosk? There is a range of payment options available for interactive kiosks, and which ones to use depend on a business’ needs.  Most -service kiosks accept credit cards and offer a “pay at the counter” choice for patrons paying with cash.  Though, as more brands explore interactive kiosk programs, many are using cash dispensing hardware to offer the full self-order experience and eradicate the need for customers to stop at the counter. For other businesses, payment options differ. Wayfinding kiosks may skip payment hardware totally as their objectives are to provide information and directions. And while it’s recognized that cannabis dispensaries are often cash-only, new payment and banking choices now exist with credit card swipes which are now common at dispensary kiosks.